How Musicians Can Grow Fanbase with Instagram

Instagram is a popular social networking platform, and musicians can use it to showcase their talents. It is pretty versatile and has several tools to make it possible. You can create brand awareness for different professional avenues using Instagram. This is why it is an excellent way to create an online presence. Although, you have to put a lot of time and effort into dealing with the app and make a proper Instagram promo

If you are a musician, you should consider incorporating Instagram into your strategy for marketing. Your music is audio-centric while Instagram is more for visual content. There is a lot you should do to make it possible. When you have done your homework, you’ll see how useful Instagram is no matter the kind of music you make. For it to work, you should also be ready to choose a flexible approach to marketing. Observe your insights and work with the information to attract more fans to your page.

Convert the page from general to a business account

The first step is to change or create the proper account. If you are a newbie, simply begin by making a business account. Others who are already users on Instagram can check their account type. If it is set to personal, they can change it to a business account. This makes sure you can use all essential features on the account for that country. 

There are so many tools at your disposal and it will also benefit you to monetize your account. Selling your music through Instagram is also possible as it will help grow your fan base.

Even though a business account provides tools for music promotion and connecting with fans, it does not need a tech-savvy person to get around it. it is quite easy to use and similar to a personal account.

Also, as well as providing features like direct contact buttons and insight analytics, business accounts allow you to link your Facebook page to your Instagram handle. You can use the audience reach from both platforms at the same time. The account should also be placed in public so it can be discoverable by fans.

Create your profile and add backlinks, call to action

Your profile is like a business card. It is the same for your artist profile on Instagram. Personalize it and make it more eye-catching to put the necessary information there. Here are some tips to help you create a powerful bio. It could convert active followers to fans as well. 

Here are a few tips on creating a powerful bio that is sure to invite casual surfers to check your content out and perhaps even convert into an active follower of your account:

Describe what you do, who you are in a short and impactful manner. It should be similar to a sales pitch as a brand. Do not just tell the audience the music you play, they should want to hear you. Even though you have a limited character length, use it well and optimize your presence on Instagram. Only use language that speaks to the target audience. Try not to violate any of Instagram’s policies in the process. Provide your contact information for fans and potential customers to reach you. If you want to perform locally, your geolocation will make it easier for your activities to show up on locals’ feeds.

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