How Much Does It Cost to Interlock Driveway in 2023

A lot of people are asking a very important question: how much does it cost to interlock my driveway in 2023? There is no comprehensive answer to this question, which is why we have put together this article. However, there are general prices from $19 to $30 per square foot.  Here, we will provide you with some of the most important factors when calculating what your interlocking in Toronto will cost in the future and what you can do about it.

What interlocking is?

Interlocking is a process that involves covering an existing driveway with asphalt. This completes the surface and creates what is known as interlocking paving or interlocked concrete surface. The reason why most homeowners choose to do this is because it provides a smoother, more durable road and also because the concrete may be damaged by freeze-thaw cycles, cracks are more likely to form in the future on porches or in driveways.

Benefits of installing interlock driveway

There are many benefits associated with installing an interlocking driveway over other types of roads. One major advantage of installing this type of paving is its durability. Interlock paving does not crack easily and does not need to be replaced for many years. Interlock paving also allows for better drainage so that water flows from one end of the road to the other very easily. However, it does not function as well in extreme weather conditions so some homeowners may be interested in installing a properly constructed asphalt overlay and paying for that.

The disadvantages

There are some disadvantages associated with installing this type of paving. With this type of pavement, the cost of maintenance is higher than the cost of asphalt or chip seal pavement. Interlock paving also needs to be repaved every few years because of its high wear. If you have a driveway that needs to be repaved too often or you have cracked or broken concrete, then it is probably time to consider an interlocking solution to your driveway.

Factors that influence interlocking costs

These are several important factors when figuring out how much it cost to interlock in 2023. The first factor, which is high or low traffic, is more commonly known as traffic intensity. Interlock paving needs to be replaced far quicker where there is heavy traffic compared with light traffic areas. For example, if you live on a busy street and there are numerous vehicles using your road each day, then it would be wise to consider installing an interlocked surface as quickly as possible. 

Costs may also greatly vary depending on the kind of design that you choose. If you want elegant curves and varied designs, then you will be looking at a higher price than if you are opting for a simple color scheme that is more straightforward. General factors to consider are:

  • The amount of interlock required to complete the process;
  • The geographic area in which you live. For example, an average driveway costs between $5,000 and $8,000 to interlock in Toronto while this may cost as much as $11,000 or even more in Vaughan;
  • Your choice of material; interlocked concrete can be covered with asphalt or with small stone chips, imprinted concrete or a mixture of these materials. There are different prices for each type of surface so it is important to understand how this impacts your overall cost.

The final cost of installing interlock paving comes down to several factors which may include methodology, traffic intensity and the maintenance plan you have in place for your road or driveway. The cost will also vary depending on the kind of material that is used for this work.

Interlocking material options

There are many different options when it comes to interlock paving. As mentioned above, you can offer a mixture of colors and patterns or a basic color scheme which will help to keep overall costs down. The type of surface that you want in the end can have an impact on the cost of doing this work.

Generally, the cost of interlocking services is based on two factors: how much material that is required and its installation. In the future, your municipality should issue a permit for you to do this so that quality control procedures are followed properly. Depending on your local guidelines, the contractor will use either asphalt or stone chips as a base layer for the interlock pavement. 

If you want to save money, then you may want to choose an interlocked material that is permeable. This means that water can permeate through it and eliminate the need for a middle layer. An advantage of this type of stone is that it does not crack as easily as other types of interlock paving so you can create curvy and interesting designs to your driveway or any other paving project.

Cost in 2023

We estimate that the cost of interlocking your driveway in Toronto will cost you somewhere between $7,000 and $11,500 for the whole process. This is because there are different types of surfaces and prices vary from one to the other. Once this is figured out, it would be wise to read up on these materials as well as how long they take to install and also what additional costs are involved with them.

Bottom line

The cost of the driveway interlocking depends on a lot of factors, but our customers are saving hundreds of dollars over the course of the project because they use our low subcontractor prices and full service vendor Avanti Landscaping.

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