How Many LED Watts for 4x4 Grow Tent- Ultimate Guide?

To choose the best we should know what is best. According to our research the list of the top most In-Demand LED grow lights have these below mentioned traits which you need to be considering while getting LEDs for your grow tent.

What Is A Grow Tent

In a simple sense, grow tent is a closet for the plants! Yes, indeed it is. It has four –wall flexible structure which is manufactured to be hanged with lights and a fan inside which help them to act as an additional source for plants and also maintains perfect humidity.

Now most of you might be wondering why plants need a closet. Plants can also be grown in the garden. But there are more chance of garden plants not getting enough and sufficient source.

Either it might be because of weed plants growth around it, or it might be because of weather and climate issues effecting its growth.

So how does grow tent comes in handy? Grow tent can be lessen your efforts in maintaining plants. Now let’s compare both plants that grow in garden and plants that grow in grow-tent.

So now we got an idea why should we use grow tents. Now, the question might be-

What kind of plants can we grow in grow tents?

You can grow many types of plants in a grow tent but not only in one grow tent. It is handy for the home gardening. And you can grow-

1.        Tomatoes

2.        onions

3.        capsicums

4.        bell peppers

5.        coriander

6.        carrots

7.        mushroom

8.        Green beans

9.        Beetroots

10.      Radish

11.      Spinach

What is the best size- grow tent for indoor vegetation?

A. 4×4 is the best suggestion for indoor vegetation. There is a very good positive response from the people who used 4×4 for Hydroponics. As it takes less space and works more effectively and is also very durable compared to any other sixes and fits inn anywhere just perfectly, and is of good quality.

How much space does 4×4 size grow tent has?

A. In a 4×4 size grow tent, 6-10 medium to large can be fit inn easily. The number of plants that fit inn in a 4×4 depends on in what growing style are we using to grow plant.

There are certain growing styles for plant growth. Yes, there are techniques for training the plants to grow. ScrOG, Mesh, Bush, SOG and low-stress are the types of growing styles that are used for massive yields. Yet we can use this method in grow tents too.

How many led watts for 4×4 grow tent

How many led watts for 4×4 grow tent is the most asked question from beginners.

For a 4×4 tent, 600-1000 watts of LED lights are preferable. As they consume less electricity and produce more light and second-most favorable thing is that LED doesn’t emit much heat like HPS lights.

So it will be preventing the case of damaging the plants in most cases. but yet we cannot deny the fact that it does emit heat, and sometimes may cause damage to the crop. So we need to be very precise about choosing LEDs that act favorable to the crop growth.

According to 4×4 grow tent, grow light size needs to be around 512 watts. So, the wattage can be around 500-650W depending on the plants you grow.

PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) is a measuring scale of the energy flow from lights. The PAR output needs to be high to meet the right site of plant growth.

It would be suggestible to go for higher PAR and PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density – It’s a measuring scale which measures the amount of PAR that reaches the plant) values rather than wattage.

1-4 LED lights can be fixed in a 4×4 tent with respect to wattage, PAR and PPFD. Try getting LED lights that are UL certified. It gives approval for the safety standards which will perfectly fit in the box of want.

So do consider the above measures before you get LED lights for your grow tent. And follow the tactics and techniques on growing in grow tents, and surely your grow tent garden will flourish on the day, without any big efforts.


For house gardening Hydroponic vegetation method is the best , easy and effective method which is of low budget and affordable and easy to maintain.

According to study, it’s a smart way of vegetation. And while getting LED lights it is preferable to consider Watts, PAR, and PPFD. And durability of lighting.

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