How is artificial intelligence changing the recruiting process?

Finding the best candidate for the vacancy of a company isn’t easy. There are plenty of skilled and experienced people in the market. So companies have to be specific and wise in choosing their employees. Because of this, the recruiting process in a company is a very costly procedure.

But with the development of technology, everything is easy nowadays. This also applies to the recruiting process. So Computers internet with the newly developed AI technologies has a higher impact in the field. Hence it is changing the recruiting process day by day. Let’s see how is artificial intelligence changing the recruiting process.

What is recruiting process?

Finding the best person for the position is a vital choice and keeping them in the industry is hard. The process includes attracting the right candidates and selecting the right ones and adhering them to the industry. So a team of recruiters, managers or Human Resource Managers are running the process. A proper recruiting process is lowering hiring costs and provides high-quality candidates. Not only that this is increasing the employee productivity in the end.

The recruiting process includes five steps.

1. Recruitment planning

Planning the recruitment is important as the first step of the process. The team described and analyzed the job in this step. Hence vacancy identification job description decision and deciding the job specification happen.

Finally, they evaluate the job using different methods like job grading and ranking.

2. Strategy development

Then the team develops the recruitment strategy. So they decided whether to train or hire a new employee at this step. Also, they consider the facts like geographical area and recruitment sources.

3. Searching for employees

Following searching for the right candidate starting. A company or industry can use internal or external sources. Normally they use methods like promotion transfers Internal advertising and previous applicants for internal sources.

But for external sources, have to use many different methods. They can use direct recruitment or employment agencies. Also, using Employment agencies, Employment exchange, and university recruitment is a better option. Among all of them, Advertising is the best.

4. Screening

Then the screening process starts. Resume and cover letter reviewing and conducting online or telephone interviews are done in this step. So the top candidates are selected and shortlisted at this step.

5. Evaluation and the control

Finally, the team has to evaluate the whole process as it’s costly as the last step.

But this whole procedure takes more manpower and consumes a large amount of time and money.

How is artificial intelligence changing the recruiting process?

With the development of the current AI technology, everything is easy and possible. So it’s included in the recruiting process as well. So enterprises are now doing the recruitment with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Vacancy identification is easy as all the employee profiles are included in company data. So no one has to go through large files filled with pages to find which position is vacant. The company data program is going to automatically inform all the respective people. 

Not only that it’s easy for job grading and ranking if the post already exists in the data. If it’s not you only have to add a new job description to the database.

In the recruitment process, AI has developed and changed all the aspects of searching for employees. From advertisement to online resume forms all the things improved. So don’t need to go for different sources. Online job search engines and job guiding apps are automatically sorting out the best people for you.

Also sorting and reviewing the employees are not problematic now. Because it’s already sorted while applying you only get applicants with the required qualifications. So you can directly go for the next step of a personal interview.

However, starting from scheduling the interview everything can control using online AI programs. Also finally the team can analyze the whole process using Al.

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So all in all AI programs have replaced many manpower-consuming programs in recruiting process. Hence Artificial Intelligence giving a positive effect and advanced the recruitment process.