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Whether you’re undergoing house refurbishment works, or you simply want to replace old with new, there is always the big question of what to do with furniture items no longer needed. 

Many are not aware that certain furniture pieces such as electric chairs or shelves with lights contain e-waste, which needs to be removed separately. The furniture removal then becomes even more complicated and elaborate. 

E-waste can contain substances like mercury, lead, or arsenic which might pose health risks. It is therefore not advised that everyone should be disposing of these by themselves, especially when the e-waste is combined with other household items. 

They need to be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner as per WEE recycling guidelines and professional rubbish removal services companies will have the knowledge and equipment to do this adequately and safely. You can consider Rubbish Clearance Portsmouth if you are looking for the best Rubbish Clearance service around the UK.

How To Recycle Old Furniture Containing E-Waste? 

  • Contact a professional same day rubbish collection provider to get a free consultation about the best ways to remove the furniture that may contain hazardous materials or e-waste. Cabinets with lights installed can contain fluids in their light bulbs or metals attached that require removing and separate sorting and recycling because they could be harmful for the environment.
  • Recycling old furniture that contains certain e-waste can easily become a health hazard as it can cause an electric shock when not adequately handled. Before giving it away, the furniture should be checked for a leakage or fault and the person receiving the item should be informed about potential hazards. 
  • Many furniture items are bought back by hardware stores such as IKEA for resale to promote sustainability. If the returned furniture with e-waste is in a good working condition, these stores will resell it either within their store or via other resellers, so it does not end up as waste and is reused. However, you may have to drop the items at the store in question.
  • One of the most common ways of recycling used furniture is to give it away as donations for charities or for upcycling purposes. This helps to turn this old furniture into reusable products. For example, lampshades and lamps that are no longer needed, can be converted into Scandi pendants with a little DIY. Old chandeliers can be turned into crystal necklaces. 

What can Rubbish Removal Services offer for Furniture Recycling? 

It is a challenge to get rid of bulky items not only because of transportation issues but because they cannot be disposed of with the normal domestic waste. It is therefore advisable to consult a waste removal company as they may offer the following services: 

  • Offer free consultations: This is useful when someone is unsure about the furniture containing e-waste. Calling a professional to enquire about the best options for removing and recycling such furniture items will help with grasping the task at hand. One can then decide whether they want to do it alone or book the furniture removal service for convenience and added safety. 
  • Plan the Removal: If one chooses to use the furniture removal services by professionals, they will plan and schedule it for them. Based on their schedule and budget, one can book a specific date or time for the professional collection. In emergencies, same-day collections can be arranged as well.  
  • Execute the Collection: After booking, the team of professionals will arrive at the address for the collection with the required mode of transport and equipment to ensure a safe and effective furniture removal. This pick-up is done in an eco-friendly manner while complying with environmental laws as well. 
  • Arrange the Disposal: The waste removal experts will assess how the furniture items can be disposed of in the best way. If they can be recycled, they will bring them to the recycling plants near them that will sort and recycle all components adequately. Other options include donating them to the charities they work with. 

The beauty of hiring a junk removal company for furniture removals is that they take on any item. Whether it is white goods such as large and heavy household appliances that contain e-waste materials within them, or smaller brown goods, which are all WEEE categorized as per WEE recycling regulations and require adequate disposal. 

Some WEE regulations require very specific fulfilments hence why consulting a professional rubbish removal company is beneficial because they are aware of these laws about adequate e-waste disposal.

You can contact such services to have all your questions answered before you go ahead with the disposal of your furniture at home.

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