After watching videos of the Shark Tank water bottle that sold for $95, are you also wondering why this is so expensive and how it works? If so, you are in the right place. Former US Navy veteran founded Hibear, The all-day adventure flask James Bond 007 water bottle. After appearing on the shark tank, Hibear became a viral sensation due to its $95 price. Everyone only sees the parts of the bottle but not the use case or how it works. So Today, we are going to uncover how the $95 priced Shark Tank’s James Bond 007 water bottle works. 

How does this multifunctional James Bond 007 water bottle work?

This all-day adventure flask is not just another water bottle. It comes combined with multiple functionalities. This 007 can make Cold brew to cocktails without any other cups or bottles. So, how does this all-in-one adventure flast work? It has four main parts, a silicon sleeve, a stainless steel filter, a lid, and a strainer. 

How does James bond 007 bottle works

The silicon sleeve works as a mug for your drinks. This is ideal for drinking something. The stainless steel filter is for brewing. Imagine what this small bottle can do for you. You can make your nice, smelled infusions using this filter.

Moreover, the lid can also be used as an inverted cup to pour over your coffee. The filter is for shaking beverages like cocktails. Interestingly, you can keep your cold drinks colder by stealing the thermal core inside of the bottle without diluting them by adding ice. So you don’t have to worry about the taste of your beverages. 


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What are the specifications of the bottle?

What are the specification

The bottle has a total capacity of 950ml/32oz, and its flast volume is 25oz/750ml. The lid can carry 7oz/200ml, while the steel filter volume is 12oz/355ml. The total height of the bottle is 11”/283mm, and the width is 3.7”/94mm. 

You can choose your bottle in seven different colours, and it is strong and cute at the same time.

What makes the James Bond 007 water bottle sustainable?

Hibear company follows the sustainable concept as an organization. As an outdoor tool, the James Bond 007 water bottle has the features of a nature-friendly product. As mentioned in their social media, this is an all-day adventure flask with 1% for the planet. The company strongly believes in the impact on the world of the amount of trash we put into the earth.

Therefore, they always try to reduce that from all of their products. They make sure to use recyclable materials for the packaging and products. Interestingly, Hibear products are eco-friendly as they are long-lasting, durable, quality, and reusable products, releasing less to the planet Earth. Hibear also supports climate change non-profit initiatives.


HIbear James Bond 007 water bottle is multi-tasking outdoor equipment you can use to make your adventure safer and easier. It is easy to clean, rugged, and has unmatched versatility. It is a must-have tool for adventure activities, hiking, traveling, camping, and many more. Also, you can be satisfied joining a sustainable community. 

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