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How Does Construction Estimating Software Work?

Have you recently branched out on your own, starting a contractor business? It can be incredibly rewarding to take on your own projects and manage your own company.

But one thing that many contractors quickly learn is that creating construction quotes is time-consuming. And it’s especially hard knowing that many people you provide quotes to won’t ever hire you.

Still, it’s an essential part of the job that you need to learn how to do effectively. Enter construction estimating software.

Rather than having to do everything by hand, or in your hand, you can use software to save a lot of time. Plus, it makes your quotes much more accurate, leading to less fluctuation later on.

Wondering how to provide accurate construction quotes to clients the first time around? Want to know what the best construction software is that will save you time and frustration? Then keep reading for answers to all your quoting-related questions.

Why You Need Construction Estimating Software

Time is money, right? You aren’t getting paid to spend hours and hours creating spreadsheets or creating quotes by hand. You get paid to get to work and complete a building project.

But quotes are vital to get clients to hire you. So the most important thing you can do is automate as much of the process as possible, so you can spend more time completing a project rather than crunching numbers.

Sure, using construction tools like estimation software costs money. But it will pay for itself almost immediately when you discover how much time it saves you.

How Digital Construction Tools Work

With the right software, you’ll be able to easily calculate the number of supplies you are going to need and how much they cost for a given project. You’ll also be able to track estimated labor costs if you plan to bring on other subcontractors.

These types of software will create line-by-line sheets tracking all potential expenses, so you know exactly what it’s going to cost to complete a project.

And the best software will also include other elements that make the quoting and proposal process easier for you. For example, once you have an estimate, you’re going to need to send digital construction proposals to clients that are easy for them to understand.

Other types of tools, such as takeoff software, can actually pull information off of blueprints and spec-sheets automatically to make it even faster to estimate costs.

And there are plenty of other features that you can look for in construction estimating software. Alternatively, you can use multiple different tools

This can include bidding software, to send bids but also manage subcontractor bids. It can also be client management software, to make it simple to track interactions across projects.

And some software even includes project scheduling features to help you stay on track for each of your different jobs.

Understanding Your New Role

Running a contractor business isn’t about getting to the job site and getting to work. That’s what you did as an employee or a subcontractor.

Now that you are on your own, you have other important tasks that you need to focus on if you want to build a consistent income, and potentially a large company.  And in order to make this process easier, you need to invest in construction estimating software as soon as possible.

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