How Can the Inclusion of Docker be helpful During the Development & Enhancement?
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How Can the Inclusion of Docker be helpful During the Development & Enhancement?

Docker is one of the most growing technologies of the past year. 9series have seen loads of buzzing and increasing its adoption in the developer community. But our couple of well-respected clients and the well-recognized peoples asked us to elaborate on the Docker and usages that help their software enhancement. So, here are all those parameters and benefits that one could get from docker.

For the uninitiated, Docker professional developers at 9series likes to write on several technological topics. And also helps companies with their docker deployment strategies. 9series is profoundly doing the best in this part.

But before we do that let’s understand what is Docker and its different features. And read this article thoroughly as this article also possesses some limitation (Which is not exactly limitations) at the end of this article.

What is Docker??

Docker is an open-source application (You can say!) in which you can run your application inside an isolated container. Now, Containers have all the parts that your application demanded like libraries and other dependencies, and ship them as in a package.

(Container is basically a kind of platform/ a box in which we store all our codes, libraries and keep all the necessary things that needed.)

You can say Docker is a kind of VM (Virtual Machines) but more than just VM. It is also modular where one can run different versions of programs of a single application. One of the most lovable features by developers in general.

Features of Dockers:

There are main 3 features:

  1. Consistent
  2. Speed
  3. Isolate
  1. Consistent:

Docker can create an environment where you can run your application consistently. You don’t need to deal with again and again with cliche codes.

If I elaborate, If you need to deploy your application from one cloud to another or your developer might give you a fresh application which he just made and you might take this from the temporary server. In this situation, docker provides necessary support so that your application or website would run simultaneously with the shifting process.

  1. Speed:

You can rapidly run the different processes on servers with accurate measurements.

If I elaborate, If your application is in deploying process or should I say in the shifting process you might want that your speed would not be affected and Docker was doing just that. With having proper background support of in-house libraries and others so that your speed of running a different process won’t get affected.

  1. Isolate:

As the definition stated, Docker does isolate each application with respect to their code and usage.

If I elaborate, Let suppose you want to change your existing cloud and your application is dockerize which simply means that your application is isolated from the cloud you have only need to change the external extension that is previously working with your cloud. It might take some time but the feature of Isolation helps docker in many ways.

  1. Layer system:

In docker, once you start building the Image every change you made becomes a layer. Also after several times repeating the same stance, it might even neutralize all these redundant layers and make them one. So, with that, you have two benefits. First is you can access all the changes and you don’t need to check your application entirely. Second is once the application is done with several works all your layers would either combined or delete as per need so that your space could be saved.

Now, coming back to the question, how the inclusion of Docker can be helpful during the development and enhancement? So, the answer is simple all these features make your process simpler than ever either during the performing phase or the developing phase. So, this simplicity is helpful to you to enhance your software in various ways.

Now, there are also some barriers or one can say disadvantages for all as No systems or code could be perfect. So, I am mentioning some downsides of Docker containerization:

  1. The docker containers have a minor community. This is one of the most underrated things and I personally did not like it. Because Docker has such good usages and provides powerful features. But there are many developers who didn’t either know or appreciated its benefits, so having a lower number of members affected its growth.
  2. The application that has a high level of graphics and design might not work consistently and some loading or buffering problems. Docker is basically a container and it might have not enough storage within the container so might occur the problem with the specific.

So, here if one could see the fault is just timing. The Docker technology is growing fast and will grow. But until then, I would recommend you to go to the official site of 9series and read some meaningful full articles there. Learn more about Docker container services for mobile application deployment process with a best app developer in NYC –