How Can Lawyers Help In Family Disputes

Hiring a family lawyer is something none of us want to end up doing but we may end up having to. When we are faced with this, it is ideal that we understand what a family lawyer can really do for us. 

Check out for more information, or keep reading to find out what a family lawyer can do in a dispute. 

These people are legal professionals that will be able to help within the realm of family law. This includes issues which are connected between members of a family. This can include divorce, custody of a child, and more drastic matters as well. 

They can even act as a mediator when things get heated, and can represent litigants in court. 

When A Family Dispute Needs A Lawyer

Let’s look at what it is possible for a family lawyer to handle. Family lawyer cannot take on every little matter associated with a family. However, these lawyers can assist in some situations. 

Here are some of the most common situations in which we see family lawyers handle the most.

Domestic Violence

If there is domestic violence or a history of domestic violence then one party is not equal to the other. In some cases you may make choices you do not wish to in order to avoid conflict as a result of doing so. 

Hiring a lawyer can stop you from being involved in some interactions. You can have a lawyer who will speak for you, so you do not need to face your abuser. 

Of course, let us not forget that a family lawyer can also take the appropriate steps in protecting parent and child in an abusive situation.

Divorce Disagreements

In the event of a divorce, there will be some aspects that you and the other party will need to agree on in order to have an uncontested divorce. This includes ownership of the marital property, child support, visitation and custody, as well as spousal income. 

If there is disagreement about this then a neutral third party i.e. a family lawyer can help. They can also review your settlement and let you know of any consequences that may arise due to it. 


Family lawyers can help you with evidence in a family law case. They can acquire the evidence you need by conducting an investigation. 

If there is a case in which custody of a child will be passed to a parent, then there will be a need for information proving that the decision to be made is in the best interest of the child. 

A lawyer will help you to understand this, and inform you of what is needed. They may also inform you of the ‘best interest of child’ standards in your state. 

What Can They Do?

There are many things that a family lawyer can do. But there are typically 5 main primary cases that you will find a family lawyer will take on.

Dealing With Divorces

First of all, and probably the most common, is dealing with divorces, this means disputes, acting as a mediator, and helping the divorce become settled easier. They can also encourage fair settlement without a need to go to court. 

Dealing With The Will

In the event of a death, people will likely leave behind a will that will state how they wish for their property to be managed in the event of their death. 

A family lawyer will be responsible for helping the person in crafting this document and will also ensure that property is properly administered as the deceased instructed in the will. 

Child Custody

As aforementioned, a family lawyer will also help in the arrangement of child custody, as well as other factors in relation to the children when a couple divorces. 

This includes the care of the children, as well as visitation, any child support and so on. 

A good family lawyer can assist the parents in finding a way to draft an agreement which all are happy to live in accordance to, and that is realistic. 

Handling Prenuptials 

When marrying, some people will devise a prenuptial agreement, which will state information such as support and the potential division of assets in the event of a divorce/ break up. 

A lawyer can assist in formulating a prenuptial agreement, and can inform the couple of any matter that can happen as a result.

In Court Action

Finally, should it be required, a family lawyer can appear to assist in court. Although they help people settle family disputes outside of a court, they can help litigants get justice in court.