How Can I Get Public Records Using Online Services?

Any document created or submitted in the course of public business or law is considered a public record. Public documents include marriage licenses, birth certificates, arrest warrants/arrests, court proceedings, and obituaries, to name a few. Records of this type are kept by government authorities, such as property or corporate records. Many government entities are already digitizing and posting these documents online. You may be looking for a variety of things when you conduct a public records search. RealPeopleSearch, a free web tool, can assist you in finding public data for free.

RealPeopleSearch: Best Public Records Online

Nowadays, with the development of scams and a general lack of confidence in many locations, people prefer to check public records before making any kind of choice. Public documents are made available by government agencies. The RealPeopleSearch in 2021, features allow users to conduct free public record searches. It’s a web-based tool for finding public documents for free that also serves as a tutorial on how to get free public records. The consumer has a choice of several different search options while using this free public record check service.

People Search: You may retrieve public records for a certain individual. It’s impossible to get all the information without entering the person’s first and last name.

Phone Lookup: Using the “Phone Lookup,” you may search the site database by just entering a phone number. If you want to verify someone or a business, they can provide you with plenty of information.

Address Lookup: Use the ‘Address Lookup’ tool to find out who your family, acquaintance, or neighbor is. To acquire comprehensive information on a specific individual, provide their complete residence address, city, or state.

Email Lookup: Use the ‘Email Lookup’ with an email address to receive all of the public records for free. The emails are linked to social media or corporate accounts, so searching by email ID will provide you with more information about your target. 

Why choose RealPeopleSearch

We’ll go through the features of RealPeopleSearch and why people like it. 

Fast Search

You need not wait hours and days long when searching the site. You will get full information within minutes that will save you precious time. 


RealPeopleSearch’s data is safe, therefore users may rely on the company’s information. Information about the target is not visible to RealPeopleSearch’s personnel, and the program itself does not save any data on its online servers. Furthermore, the identity of the user is concealed.

Data precision

RealPeopleSearch verifies the accuracy and reasonableness of the data. It does not provide false or misleading data. The platform, on the other hand, ensures the accuracy and validity of the information it supplies.


To use it, you just follow its standards and guidelines, which makes the application process simple and straightforward. 

Easy-to-use user interface

Because of its simple design, anyone can use RealPeopleSearch to find out information on the people they’re looking for. It provides a wide range of search options, such as phone lookup, people search, email lookup, and address lookup. All you have to do is go to the website to start using the services.

Customer Service

The site provides quality customer services to its users. If you face any problem with the site you can contact and get support easily.

What I will get from RealPeopleSearch Public records

The following information can be gathered while conducting public records search.

Jail Records

A person’s arrest and criminal history may be found using this tool. These are public arrest records that anybody may examine to confirm the accuracy of the information they want. You may learn about state or national judgments, arrests, and other relevant facts. 

Real Estate & Property Records

You may discover who owns a piece of real estate before making an offer on it. Additionally, contracts and correspondence documents are included. Land ownership records can be found in such documents.

Public Records of Bankruptcy

If you’re curious about who filed a lawsuit and where it was filed, you may look up the names of the parties and the case number. You may find case indexes and other court files at the federal bankruptcy court.

Licensing Investigation

A federal agency issues licenses to every state and country. All relevant websites of any department’s division can be found by conducting an online search for these specific terms. 

Information on Sexual Assault Offenders

Any state’s internet register will have information on sex offenders. Sextortion or abduction are two examples of this type of offense. The data is open to the general public and can be accessed by RealPeopleSearch for free.

Ownership in Corporations and Limited Liability Companies

RealPeopleSearch provides public records searches that combine partnership taxes with corporate and LLC ownership. 

Births, Deaths, Divorces, and Marriages

Each and every record of a person’s birth, death, or marriage is available to the public for free. To keep these records up to date, every record is submitted to the government. These updated records can be searched from the RealPeopleSearch site for free.

Records of Court

Court records allow visitors to look up information on a specific defendant, including court fines, hearings, and other personal information. As soon as one has completed a case, you’ll have access to the case summaries and documentation through this site.

How to do public records search on RealPeopleSearch

Visits to several departments to double-check a person’s information may be a time-consuming task. So, with RealPeopleSearch, you can locate anyone’s criminal, court, marriage, or divorce records for free. Associated with reliable data sources, it gives you adequate information. Making use of the RealPeopleSearch to find public data can simplify your life and save you money. Begin your search for public records for free right now!

RealPeopleSearch lets you look into the past of anyone you’re interested in. To do this, follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: From the RealPeopleSearch main page, select the “Public Records” option.

Step 2: Submit Your Information regarding first and last name. 

Step 3: To discover the records that fit your criteria, click on the “Start Search” button.

Step 4: Click on your target profile to get public records.

It will take a few minutes for RealPeopleSearch to display all of the profiles with relevant data. Go to your target’s profile by clicking on his name, and you’ll be sent to his background check.


While using RealPeopleSearch, you can find a person on the internet. Social media and Google lookup can also be used to search for public records but they may be unable to offer you all of the information you require. On the other hand, without RealPeopleSearch, the extensive database and features will guarantee accurate and complete public records.