Get Personal: How B2B business can benefit from ABM & Drupal.

Get Personal: How B2B business can benefit from ABM & Drupal

The era of traditional inbound marketing is gone. Most B2B businesses that are still trying those practices are struggling to keep their sales numbers up, drive engagement, and generate high-quality leads. So what can you do if the one-size-fits-all approaches don’t work for you? Flip the situation around and adopt account-based marketing!

ABM prioritizes personalization, allowing B2B companies to build relationships with targeted clients. Account-based marketing agencies utilize innovative platforms like Drupal to help businesses rethink their marketing efforts and adopt new forward-thinking approaches. Let’s discover how adopting ABM and Drupal solutions can empower any B2B brand to thrive in modern digital marketing.

Account-based marketing solutions

Before we dive deeper, let’s settle on what ABM is. Account-based marketing is an action plan to aim for high-value accounts instead of casting a wide net to reach a broad audience.  ABM approach requires sales and marketing teams to collaborate tightly to identify and prioritize high-value accounts, then create tailored and personalized campaigns to strike decision-makers within those accounts.

Unlike traditional marketing approaches that target large volumes of leads, ABM builds strong relationships with chosen accounts, increasing conversion by delivering highly relevant and customized content.

How can B2B businesses benefit from account-based marketing?

B2B brands benefit from ABM strategies in several ways.

  1. Optimizing marketing resources

Time and money are your most valuable resources. ABM allows brands to allocate their marketing resources more effectively by laser-focusing on accounts most likely to generate significant revenue. Instead of spreading efforts across a broad audience, ABM enables targeted marketing campaigns, investing resources in the right places.

  1. Accelerates sales

In traditional scenarios, the sales process gets stretched due to the stakeholder’s involvement in making a final decision. Yet, ABM allows you to nurture relationships with decision-makers individually and potential relevant customers. Account-based marketing solutions ultimately sped up the sales process, driving revenue growth.

  1. Generating high-quality leads

Did you know, there are almost 45% of the bad leads that are irreverent for marketers, causing increasing waste of resources, money, effort, and time? Instead of low-profit clients, ABM enables businesses to identify and target high-value counts most likely to convert and close high-profit deals faster. Marketers analyze accounts’ pain points, preferences, and needs to score with high-potential clients. With highly relevant and compelling content that resonates with the target accounts, B2B brands can elevate lead quality, increasing ROI.

Help your company thrive: Integrating ABM and Drupal.

In the current customer-centric environment, standing out among competitors and getting discovered by your dream clients becomes an impossible mission for brands. Yet, combining the ABM approach with innovative Drupal API-first strategies allows companies to address long-standing issues, including relevant lead generation, customer retention, and new opportunities.

Drupal, as an open-source CRM platform, seamlessly integrates other tools and systems through APIs, allowing it to deliver exceptional real-time digital experiences. So why should you combine it with the ABM approach? Drupal and ABM recognize the importance of audience identification for personalized and unparallel experiences. Therefore, you get all the tools and flexibility to target only high-profit accounts that are best suited for the brand, with Drupal managing content and ABM facilitating the identification and selection process.

Fuel personalization through Drupal modules

Drupal is an essential tool for enhancing content personalization. Additionally, the platform leverages modules to support account-based marketing efforts. For instance, Demandbase, as a B2B marketing platform, facilitates personalization and provides advanced targeting. The Drupal Demandbase module allows markets to target website content to companies that fit your criteria based on metrics like industry, customer status, revenue, or purchased products. The Demandbase module stands out with its functionality and effective features, helping brands execute their account-based marketing efforts in real time.

Key features of Demandbase:

  • Seamless data integration. Demandbase integrates seamlessly with Drupal, allowing brands to capture valuable data about their website visitors. The data includes firmographic information, such as company name, size, industry, and location. B2B businesses can integrate retrieved data into Drupal to personalize content and tailor it to resonate with each account.
  • Fragmenting target audiences for effective monitoring. With Demandbase, you can manage audience lists by segmenting the website visitors into distinct target accounts and audiences. Fragmenting helps provide a comprehensive framework for ABM strategies, increasing ROI and boosting account profiles.
  • Coordinating several channels. Demandbase supports coordination across multiple marketing channels, including website personalization, email campaigns, and advertising. This feature enables B2B brands to deliver a consistent and tailored experience across various touchpoints. For example, the personalized content shown on the website can be reflected in the targeted email campaigns, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Collaboration with the Demandbase community. Drupal is famous for its thriving and innovative community, including the Demandbase community. The collaborative environment where developers and users can share experiences, best practices, and innovations facilitate learning and enables businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and benefit from new personalization techniques.

Wrapping up

Traditional marketing efforts can be a significant setback in the modern customer-centric digital era. Yet, Drupal and account-based marketing takes personalization to a completely new level, flipping around the way you position yourself on the market. Does it worth switching to innovative approaches? The results speak for themselves: relevant and high-value lead generation, boosted customer retention, customer engagement increase, enhanced brand loyalty, and sky-rocketed ROI. Don’t let competitors steal your thunder! Incorporate account-based marketing and the Drupal platform into your enterprise DNA to get the results you only dreamed of!