How Are Views Counted by The TikTok Algorithm?

Back to Basics: What is TikTok?

Finally, you have decided to take your game to TikTok. Congratulations. At least you are serious about content marketing. Things happen in TikTok. People have succeeded immensely in TikTok. That’s a journey that you won’t regret pursuing. But hey, you need views to trend. So, how are the viewers counted? Keep reading to find out:


TikTok is the world’s most popular video-sharing apps that give users an opportunity to trend creatively. Irrespective of your content, you can use this app to reach other people. Easy to use, effective, and cheap—this app will take your creativity to another new level. However, it’s important to leverage on this app. And one of the best ways to leverage it is to understand how the views work. Understand how the algorithm counts views. Here is how the TikTok algorithm counts the views.(and, more importantly; understand unless you buy TikTok views)

How Are Views Counted on TikTok?

Each social media platform is unique—especially when it comes to counting views. Thus, understanding how views are counted in TikTok is key. In particular, TikTok counts views immediately after your videos commence playing in that feed of yours. However, other platforms count views based on the amount of time spent on a video. Even more, TikTok viewers won’t follow the creator to monitor the content. If your content is of high quality and conforms to the laid-out standards, it will appear on your news feed.

Replaying Videos  

Replaying a video is automatically counted as a view. What this means is that even if few people watch and repay your video, you will end up having more views. The trick is having high-quality content. Great videos will be watched and replayed—which will automatically give you more views. Use a myriad of tools out there to get more views. Create the best TikTok profile and stand a chance of capturing more views.

Can You See Your Video Viewers?

Of course, it’s possible to see how many views you have attracted on the TikTok panel. However, it’s difficult to actually know who viewed or watched your videos. This is a policy by TikTok. It keeps this info undisclosed. Tok Race will help you get genuine TikTok views.

What About Your Own Views?

TikTok won’t count your own views. It should be someone else watching your videos. This means that the creator won’t be counted as a view. He/she remains to be a pure creator. The only way to increase your views is by creating high-quality content. Make the first few seconds of your videos very interesting. Create the best profile in TikTok. Also, consider posting fresh content consistently. Also, ensure that the videos conform to the TikTok standards. You can also consider purchasing TikTok views. These are some of the things that can bring you more views and make your TikTok videos go viral.

The Bottom-Line

Understanding how TikTok Algorithm count views is important. Among other things, you will know how to get more views and make your videos trend. The above guide will help you understand how TikTok counts views. Plus, you can get genuine Instagram followers from Viral Race and compliment your TikTok marketing efforts.