Is Artificial Intelligence the next big thing for the casino industry, or just a fad? We say it is the first one. The latest exciting developments in AIs have made them faster, easier to train and more accurate than ever before. 

AIs can be used for a lot of jobs. It can be as simple as being a personal assistant, or a complicated job like analyzing data in huge amounts and making predictions. Considering how many customers the casino industry has and how much data it can collect, this is particularly fertile ground for the use of AI.

Here are a few of the ways they could be used by a casino like Jellybean casino:

Combating Gambling Addiction

Addiction is one of the major issues the gambling industry and individual gamblers face today. Money is extremely accessible, as players can use credit cards or order online bank transfers easily. 

Not to mention, modern casinos now feature more games and bonuses than ever before. It is all too easy to get sucked in and become addicted to it, spending more money than they actually have.

AIs can be used to detect spending patterns in players. This way, they can recognize a player who is spending too much, possibly becoming addicted, and take action. The AI could put spending limits on the player and refer them to anti-addiction resources.

Detecting Cheaters

There are always people who try to cheat at a casino. AIs could be trained to recognize and detect such incidents of cheating. An AI can do this even better than a normal person, especially since the tell-tale evidence of cheating is often very subtle. The dealer or security might miss a small sign if they were preoccupied, but it is impossible to distract an AI in that way.

Customer Support

Some AIs, known as Chatbots, can hold a conversation nearly as well as a normal person. They can be used in lieu of a customer service rep. AIs actually do this job better, as they can perfectly recall information, don’t get bored, tired or frustrated, and can always call in a supervisor in case of an unexpected situation.

Designing Games and Bonuses

As mentioned earlier, AIs are excellent at analyzing large amounts of data. AIs can be used to help design new games and bonuses. By checking out which games were the most popular or which bonus offers had the most engagement, casinos and software developers can develop new content tailored towards their players’ preferences.

Final Words

Modern AIs are simply computer programs that can adapt and learn from data. They do require an awful lot of it to learn properly. Fortunately, we are at a stage where developers have access to a lot of data that can now be used to teach AIs and improve the quality of life for general users.

The casino industry is in an excellent place for this. There are a lot of things that could be automated, improving effectiveness and efficiency a lot.

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