Home Automation Systems : Where Houses Interact With You

Imagine coming to home after a long hectic day of work and as soon as you enter the house, you find the lights switched on, air conditioner already set to ideal temperature, your favorite music playing in the background in home theater while the flowers in your garden are sparkling with sprinkles of water over them. All this looks like a scene straight from a sci-fi movie. Doesn’t it?

But at present with huge advancements in technology, automation of things has taken over the world by storm, making human lives more comfortable and homes smarter. These smart homes are foundation to smart cities with promise of luxury and security. Read through the article to know everything about home automation, from answers to some commonly asked questions about home automation system to ideas and solutions about how to incorporate home automation into your home.

What Is Home Automation ?

Home automation also known as domotics, is the process of building automation for homes. These automated homes are popularly known as smart homes/houses and the functionality they perform are enormous, from monitoring to controlling home attributes like temperature, lightings and other entertainment devices and appliances. This home automation system may also help you with improving the security of your house by providing access to alarm systems and surveillance devices.

When you connect these home appliances with the internet, they construct something called Internet Of Things abbreviated as IoT. 

How Does Home Automation Works?

Typically a home automation system is a web of various controlled devices tied together to a central hub known as gateway. The user interface which provides the control of this system usually consists of either wall-mounted terminals, tablets, web interface or a mobile application that can be accessed from anywhere through internet. To get a better understanding of how things play out to perform such great activities like turning on and off the lights, opening and locking doors and in cases even setting up the room temperature for you, no matter where you are with so much ease, let’s have a look at these pointers.

Components Of Home Automation

The home automation system is mainly comprised of three main elements: Sensors, Controllers and actuators.

  1. Sensors perform the functionality of efficiently and effectively monitoring changes in temperature, lightings and motions of all kind. Home automation system can then direct and adjust settings according to your preference.
  2. Controllers are those devices such as tablets and computers which user uses to send and receive messages to keep a check on status of automated features in the house.
  3. Actuators refers to those valves, motors and other motorized switches that operates the actual mechanism. They are programmed to operate with just a single click of the remote.

Why Do You Need Home Automation?

Home automation system is not just limited to remote controlling your appliances but also your life. It can control and manage important aspects of your life such as :

  •  Security and Surveillance 

With security tools such as electronic door locks and intrusion detectors, you can rely on home automation for the safety and security of your house. Not only this, you can also keep an eye on children playing in the pool or guests arriving at your door steps through you tablet or phone 

  • Temperature Control

Setting the ideal temperature for Showers, Spas And pools is very time consuming. You can save a lot of time and effort by installing temperature sensors that will automatically change the temp of various rooms to your desired temperature.

  • Lifestyle Home Theater

Times have changed now and the shift from dedicated home theater spaces to customizable lifestyle theaters is pretty evident. By home automation system combined with some careful interior designing can give you that immersive cinematic experience while still saving a lots of space. To fulfill this home theater requirements, you can reach out to a home automation company or an interior designer to start with. 

  • Vehicles Detection

You can use home automation to open your garage door whenever you’re entering the parking, view the driveway and turn on the lights.

  • Gardening and Irrigation

It can help you in gardening and Irrigation by installing lawn sprinklers and irrigation valves along with rain sensors.

  • Mood Lightings 

Aesthetics are crucial element of home décor and right lighting just highlights these features. Whether it is the warm and soothing lights for dinner or party lights for movies and entertainment, automated light seems nail it with architectural pleasing looks.

  • Pet Care

You can also keep a check on your pet when you’re not at home. Setting up timings for pet entry and exit by Pre- programming the timings of opening and closing of doors. It can also help you knowing what your pet is eating in your absence.

Benefits Of Home Automation

Everyone according to its needs and desires can customize his/her’s house with home automation system to streamline the day to day home activities. Integration of electronic gadgets with your smart phones and tablets will lead to providing you remote control of your life. Among various benefits of installing a home automation system, consider these for making your mind to install one.

  • It gives you access to almost every part of your house with just a click through your mobile, laptop, tablets via internet.
  • Provides you the comfort everyone dreams of. As soon as you enter your house, the thermostat sets up the air conditioner to your preferred temperature, the lights  adjusted and music starts to play. 
  • Increases your control over your house when you’re away from home by providing smart security and surveillance features like carbon monoxide monitors, pressure sensors, fire sensors. All these ad-ons can save you from disastrous events.
  • Helps you save on electricity bills and increases energy efficiency.

Which Company Is Best For Home Automation?

Somethings are best left to professionals and customizing your home with fully integrated automation is one such thing. To do this work with more efficiency, it’s important to choose the right home automation company. Even after a wide range of options available in the market, there are very few international renowned home automation companies. As a review is incomplete without suggestions, here’s a home automation company you should look forward to hire. 

Contact AUDILUX, if you’re looking to get a fully integrated home automation system installed in your home today. After the installation of a home automation system, you can keep on enjoying the benefits of living in a smarter and safer home.

Other than these, AUDILUX also aid you with providing the following features:

  • Thermostat control
  • Lighting control
  • Multi-Room Music
  • Surveillance and Cameras
  • Motorized Shades and Drapes

Along with these attractive features you also get home networking solutions. At this time when everyone is giving preference to work from home, getting a high performance Wi-Fi system will do wonders.


Over the years automation has somewhere become a integral part of our lives. People who once turned to fully automated house, now find it extremely difficult to even think about living a life without the comfort of home automation. With companies coming up with affordable solutions, it has now become a convenient option for people to switch into this lifestyle.