Hate the noise around you? Apple’s new Airpods Pro could be the solution.

Last Monday (28th October) Apple announced their newest Airpods family. They are calling it Apple Airpods pro.

Apple's New AirPods
Image Credit: Apple

AirPods are one in every of Apple’s most booming products ever. Since the launch of the first pair in 2016, Apple has pretty systematically been scrambling to stay up with demand. inside 3 months of occurring sale, AirPods had become the number one wireless headphones worldwide and that they before long went on to become the amount one headphones, period.

The new pro model, in stores from Wednesday, October thirty, comes with a value hike – $249 compared to $159 for the entry-level AirPods, that still get on sale. The model with the wireless charging case costs $199, therefore this new version remains pricier than that, though the new case can go together with wireless charging as customary at least.

All you need to know about Airpods pro
All you need to know about Airpods Pro

The new design is different yet handy and is extremely apple!

Gloss white plastic with aluminous accents: that initial impression may apply to any AirPods. however look a lot of closely and you’ll see the new in-ears area unit very completely different, though instantly recognizable as being designed by Apple.

The airpods case looks almost the same however the new one is a little bit elongated. As you can see below.

Airpods pro vs Airpod 2 case
Image credit: Marques Brownlee

The basic design is comparable – a charging socket within the base and a hinged lid. Oh, and it charges via Lightning cable even as previous AirPods did. now the cable within the box is Lightning to USB-C instead of to USB-A.

The AirPods themselves have abundant shorter stems than before and ar larger up high, with a rounder earbud to nestle in your ear – it positively looks like a snugger fit now around.

Although they’re very slightly heavier than previous AirPods, they don’t feel significant, not least as a result of addition of the unit sits within the ear.

The finish is slicker, smoother and additional high- end, all gloss excluding one matte panel that is that the touch-sensitive panel.

Image credit: Marques Brownlee How it looks like on your ear?

Some folks have forever felt AirPods look a small amount weird once you’re sporting them. You’ll get to create your own mind up however it feels like these look pretty nice, in or out of the ear.

The match is All-New

Instead of the one-shape-fits-all earbud on the AirPods, Apple has radically rethought things this point around. currently there area unit polymer earbuds designed to suit deeper into the ear and supply a whole seal against the skin world noise thus it’s simply you and your music.

Flexible tho’ the polymer tip is, it’s not versatile enough to suit everybody’s ears. So, along side the medium tips put in on the AirPods professional, there area unit 2 a lot of pairs, tiny and huge, tucked away within the bottom of the AirPods professional box. simply just in case you’re undecided that is that the good fit you, Apple is prepared to assist.

The Ear Tip match check… only Apple.APPLE
Pairing AirPods professional is that the same improbably straightforward method as before: open the charging case close to your iPhone and… well, that’s a lot of or less it. Here, though, there’s an additional feature – the Ear Tip match check. With the AirPods in your ears, it’ll play music, briefly.

Inside the AirPods there’s a mike facing inwards. because the music plays the mike is listening and may tell from what it hears whether or not the seal is nice enough or not. If it’s not, it’ll advise adjusting the position of the bud within the ear or making an attempt one in all the others.

Incidentally, if you wish to require the check once more, merely visit Bluetooth and choose AirPods professional.

I did it a handful of times and it seems my good match may be a tiny basketball shot the left ear, medium within the right. Well, nobody’s good.

Apple conjointly points out that it’s devised an easy however effective association system that ensures the polymer tips keep in situ absolutely till you wish to get rid of one, within which case, i like to recommend a firm action. Be bold.

This system is additionally there thus you don’t got to worry concerning associate degree earbud obtaining stuck in your ear after you take away the AirPod professional. the sole time I had any issue was the only once I didn’t hear a satisfying click as I pushed the tip onto the earbud. Guess what? Next time I took the AirPod out of my ear, the tip stayed behind.

The noise-canceling is uncanny

The perfect seal is stage one in obtaining nice audio. Stage two, and therefore the tentpole feature of the new headphones, is active noise cancelation.

As well because the inward-facing mike, there’s one being attentive to the skin world. It takes the sound it hears, and generates a sound that’s a hundred and eighty degrees out of part therefore the 2 sounds cancel one another out.

Sometimes this works well – suppose the beautiful Satyendra Nath Bose 700 Headphones – and infrequently not.

Here, it’s nothing but beautiful.

I tested the AirPods professional on the London Tube, associate degreed tho’ I still knew i used to be in an underground train, all types of noise were muted or a minimum of reduced. Conversations around Pine Tree State that had antecedently been perceptible, if not really attention-grabbing, light away as if it were a dream-like effect. Which, I suppose, it is.

In Full Transparency

For those things wherever you wish a balance of your music and therefore the outside world, Apple has one thing it calls Transparency mode. With previous AirPods, to listen to somebody reproval you, you’d got to take one bud out of associate degree ear, in itself a extremely natural factor to try to to. once the sensors recognized you’d done that, the music would pause.

All that also works, of course. But now, you’ll be able to keep it up listening further as hearing what’s happening outside. That’s sensible if you’re walking down the road, as an example. Transparency mode means that the mike on the skin allows the skin world that, by the way, includes your own voice which might otherwise sound muffled thanks to the AirPods in your ears. however it conjointly plays the music at a lower level.

This is a good feature and I’ve been mistreatment Transparency mode heaps.

That touch-sensitive force panel

The little matte, flat space on every AirPod stalk is what Apple calls a electrical phenomenon force device. It’s there to assist you navigate your music, as an example. On earlier AirPods, you’d faucet the stalk firmly. however doing that currently isn’t quite as pleasant, bouncing the spongy polymer tip into your ear. So, that device is that the answer. Press once to answer a decision or pause or play a track. Press double to skip forward, thrice to travel back.

Most helpful of all, you’ll be able to press and hold the device – I found this best by compression the stalk. after you do that, the AirPods toggle between noise-canceling and Transparency mode.

So you recognize you’ve done it, a chime sounds. Actually, there area unit 2 chimes and therefore the one that goes with switch to Transparency honestly has one thing a lot of ethereal and open concerning it.

You can conjointly management the toggling from the iPhone by gap centre and long-pressing on the quantity slider – noticing en passant that the quantity slider contains a small icon of the AirPods professional on that. The slider can receptive a brand new screen with 3 buttons at the bottom: noise-canceling, Transparency and Off.

What associate degree AirPod professional feels like beneath.APPLE

Audio Quality may be a massive accelerate Compared to regular AirPods, the sound quality here is significantly improved, even with noise-canceling off. But, to be honest, you’ll wish it on most of the time as a result of it sounds superb.

I once asked a Sony government what noise-canceling ought to sound like – as a result of on some headphones it will have a significant, oppressive feel, like you’ve simply died, I imagine. The White House aforementioned it ought to sound just like the silence in a very hall between movements. Alive, in alternative words, and gift.

That’s definitely the case here. The Apple active noise-canceling contains a heat, tantalising tone thereto.

Nothing new here. The new AirPods have an equivalent battery life because the previous ones. That’s 5 hours from the buds and another nineteen hours of juice within the case. If you have got noise-canceling or Transparency on, you’ll be able to knock 0.5 associate degree hour off the time. These area unit Apple’s figures however to this point I’ve found they simply match this claim.

Is it price $249?

The audio quality alone, I think, justifies the value. It’s on a par with the Sony WF-1000XM3 in-ears, that is simply tremendous. Those earbuds area unit a bit cheaper than these however they’re a small amount bulkier, a small amount less enticing. Oh, and therefore the Sony charging case is far larger.

With AirPods, you’re not simply paying for the sound. presumptuous you have got associate degree iPhone to try it to, the simplicity with that the gadgets work along may be a massive a part of the general expertise – the approach the AirPods mechanically switch from your iPhone to mack once an equivalent Apple ID is on each. It’s pretty cool.


You’ve in all probability noticed, I’m pretty smitten with these new earbuds. the planning is nice, the match elegant and therefore the audio quality, significantly with noise-canceling turned on, is pretty superb. Apple is up against serious competition recently, from Sony, the new Amazon earbuds associate degreed an coming try from Huawei.

But AirPods professional puts the corporate come in front, matching snappy style with nice options, elegant operation and dazzling sound.