Growing Your Channel and Earnings on Twitch

Twitch is a live video streaming platform that is into video games, music, exclusively curated content, and the broadcast of e-sports. What makes this channel stand out in the crowd is the massive numbers of viewers, streamers, monthly views, and active users.

The statistics of Twitch are staggering, to say the least by any yardstick.

When Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014, the figures were modest. But it saw explosive growth within a year touching 100 million views. By 2020, Twitch recorded an impressive 1.5 million daily active viewers, 1.4 million concurrent users, and over 3 million broadcasts. In 2017, the video gaming segment of Twitch zoomed past the then leader’s YouTube, and today, the platform accounts for over 43% of all Internet-based gaming traffic in the world.

Apart from catering to your passion for gaming, you can earn substantially on Twitch. The best way to do so is to increase the number of followers and viewers on your channel. The question then is how to get Twitch followers. But before diving in, let’s explore why getting more followers takes your gaming income to the next level.

The Need to Increase Twitch Followers                 

Look at increased numbers of followers as social proof of the quality of the content of the channel and your gaming expertise and skills. The number of quality followers will intrigue others as to the reasons for your popularity and they will want to join the bandwagon too.

This has a cumulative effect and the numbers of followers will keep growing if you can continually maintain the quality of your gaming and content. This is like social media platforms where more friends and likes are representative of the value you bring to your profile. 

There is another reason why you should know how to get Twitch followers. Twitch, like other search engines, has its ranking algorithms based on various parameters, one of them being the extent of followers you have on your channel. As you rise up the rankings with more viewers and streaming of complex games and quality content, viewers searching for valued leading channels will find yours near the top and will follow you, thereby leading to higher growth.

More Followers More Earnings

When you know how to get Twitch followers and your channel grows quickly with more followers, your earnings rise substantially too.

How does this happen?

As Twitch is Internet-based, there are streamers from all corners of the globe. The scope and reach of a channel with followers worldwide are no mean matter. You must be used to people beyond borders wanting to chat with you or following you but this is exactly what top brands and companies look for – an optimized way to market their products and services.

It works like this. When your channel has great reach through your followers all over the world, it becomes an excellent medium for companies to promote their products on your channel and take advantage of a large audience. It is a win-win situation for them and you. Brands market their products with minimal effort and you get paid handsomely for providing the favor.

If you can become an expert in how to get Twitch followers and grow your channel manifold, you can also earn a lot by selling personalized merchandise on your channel. Open a virtual storefront and stock it with items especially curated and designed by you. Anything goes – from laptop covers to coffee mugs, from T-shirts to small trinkets. Stamp each one of them with a logo that is representative of your channel. You can even have messages printed on the bigger items. Once the items are ready and stocked, promote the store on your channel. You can be sure that your favorite followers will make the stocks run out regularly.

How to get Twitch followers

Now that you know why should you get Twitch followers and how you can earn very well if you have large numbers of them, let’s see how to get Twitch followers.

You can approach this plan in two ways.

One is to buy Twitch followers from sites that specialize in this field and the other is to grow organically over time. Even though you can place an order for buying Twitch followers and the required numbers will be attached to your channel almost immediately, there are a few precautions that you should take.

The first is to research the Internet for genuine and established websites that have built up a reputation for being authentic. This is important as too many sites today scam streamers and supply them with fake followers that fade away after some time.

The next thing to be careful about are websites that promise a massive increase in the number of followers in a very short time. When looking for means of how to get Twitch followers, always avoid these sites as they use bots and automation to churn up followers for you. This practice is not allowed on Twitch and goes against their policies. If you are found resorting to this method to grow followers, your privileges might be suspended on the platform.

There are a couple of ways that you can ensure that the site you buy followers from is genuine and can be trusted to provide real followers. First, check whether the site offers customer support 24×7. This is important as Twitch streamers play across time zones. Second, select sites that allow you to buy followers in numbers that you can afford – 1,000 or 1,00,000.

These are a few tips on how to get Twitch followers.