It is no longer enough for businesses to have a website even if it represents the ultimate in design and functionality. You need to promote it aggressively by using both SEO and social media platforms like Instagram. Because of its immense popularity, Instagram has emerged as one of the most favorite social media networks for marketers. It not only generates valuable website traffic but also increases brand awareness and boosts engagement. With Instagram having one of the highest rates of engagement, Apart from being an awesome source for high-quality alternative content for your website, integrating Instagram into website design has several other benefits. A quick look at the top reasons why doing so makes eminent sense:

Helps Build Brand Awareness 

Build brand awareness is one of the main reasons for having a website, but given the level of competition, it is no longer enough to have a website and sit back for the visitors to come trooping in and engage with the brand. However, since Instagram has one of the highest rates of engagement in social media, marketers, in ever-increasing droves, have turned to it for driving their engagement levels, especially for the younger generation that is more into social media than with conventional media like newspapers and television. Marketers have discovered the synergy that comes with integrating Instagram into their websites. When you integrate the two it becomes easier for the target audience to seamlessly transit from one to the other. Visitors to the website can discover the content on Instagram to connect better with the brand while Instagram users can visit the website and learn more about specific products and transact with the business.

Helps Build Trust and Credibility 

The decision to purchase only becomes a reality if the target audience can establish the credibility of the brand and trust the business. The website of the business can be a great source of information about the product specifications and features as well as that of the business, it is the interaction on social media that reveals how well customers are satisfied with the products and services and how responsive you are in responding to their comments and attending to their complaints and suggestions. The interaction on social media is a true yardstick of the attitude of the business and your customer orientation. If you have taken the trouble to go all out to listen to and respond to your customers, integrating Instagram on your website will make it easier for your target audience to appreciate your commitment to customer service and also the performance of your products. To give your Instagram account momentum, you can buy IG comments for very nominal sums from social media marketing agencies.

Helps To Increase the Number of Instagram Followers

One of the toughest challenges for marketers is building a large following on Instagram. While a lot of it can be accomplished by posting original, valuable, and entertaining content and the strategic use of hashtags, contests and giveaways, compelling CTAs, etc., it can still be an uphill task. By using CTAs strategically, you can give a sense of urgency that prompts users to take the desired action fast, according to Search Engine Journal. By integrating your Instagram feed with your website, you can get more exposure to your Instagram account as visitors to your website will be able to see it easily without even leaving the website. Further, by employing SEO and other techniques of organic traffic building, this opportunity can be leverage more quite inexpensively. With more than 90% of Instagram users following a business, it follows that the visitors to your website will also be keen to follow you on Instagram if they find your business and brand interesting and relevant to them. The result of this strategy is that you will be able to grow your Instagram following faster.

Better Opportunity to Showcase Your Creativity 

Like it or not, a website is still considered by both the audience and marketers as a formal channel of communication with certain boundaries in place regarding the kind of content you can include and the tone of the voice you can use. On the other hand, Instagram is a place where you can unleash your creativity without any hindrances and also take steps to boost your engagement level with various strategies and marketing tactics. By integrating your Instagram account with the website, you can give your target audience the best of both worlds in a seamless manner.


With over a billion monthly active users and half of them using it daily, Instagram is a potent force in the hands of smart marketers for addressing the younger generation. If your products and services have a universal appeal across all demographics, integrating Instagram with your website is the best way possible of targeting your audience, engaging with them, and converting them in line with your marketing objectives. 

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