Gold Chains for Women: Price, Types

With regards to gold chains, they don’t just make for amazing gifts, but also amazing accessories as a whole. Now, these may be somewhat expensive. However, they’re still worth it, considering that it’s quite rare to see gold chains losing out on their value. 

In reality, these chains only increase in value, especially if they’ve been purchased from a notable brand.

When it comes to gold, we’re aware that gold is always deemed as a woman’s best friend. Moreover, considering that gold chains and other gold-related accessories are given with love and admiration, this makes it even more encouraging to flaunt any gold-related charms that you own. With gold chains, you can also choose to order them online. 

However, with online shopping, most people are left wondering, “Is My Gold Chain Real?”. To tackle this issue, it’s highly recommended that you buy your gold chain from a trustable source. 

If someone wishes to gift something to their mother, sister, or significant other, gold is always the safest option and looks extremely elegant, to say the least. In terms of gold-related gifts, there is nothing that can go wrong with an old-fashioned gold chain. 

If you plan on giving someone a gold chain as a gift, then look no further. Gold chains may come in all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, you may have an innumerable variety of designs when it comes to this accessory. 

In the article ahead, we have some of the most renowned types of gold chains for women, with their prices:

Herringbone Chains

First and foremost, we have Herringbone chains which are extraordinarily unique. These are elegant flat chains rounding off around each other. With Herringbone Chains, their parallel straps make them all the more gorgeous. 

These were named as such since these chains were designed based on the classical themes of ancient Egypt. They have lines that are formed in a criss-cross with soft edges, making it resemble the skin of a fish, also referred to as herringbone. 

The only disadvantage of this chain, in general, is that it gets damaged and you can’t wear this all the time.

Recent statistics from 2021 show that gold herringbone chains are easily the most popular and fashionable pieces of jewelry. Their prices vary from around 35 dollars to 200 dollars, in general, but may cost much more if they’re made completely of gold. 

Box Chains

Box chains are quite strong, and unlike herringbone, they won’t break as easily. These chains have elegant gold boxes interlinked through one another. Moreover, their prices vary around 100 dollars and more depending on the amount of gold they contain. 

Box chains are the sturdiest chains depending on their widths. In addition, anybody can wear them on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, they might cater well to not just casual attires but formal outfits as well.

Anchor Chains

In terms of anchor chains, they’re easily one of the heavier options that are available. For that reason, anchor chains may tend more towards men; however, due to their touch of strength and such, they make for great gold chains to be worn by women as well. 

The price of anchor chains is also considerably high since these chains comprise more space, consequently needing more gold to be used. If you purchase a 14-karat anchor chain with a weight of 825 grams, it might cost you a little over $26,000, at the very least. 

In terms of most of the women’s gold chains that are available, anchor chains are considered to be one of the best ones out there. 

Bead Chains

Also referred to as ball chains, bead chains are made with a series of tiny beads linked together. Comprising smaller beads, they give out a vibrant look to whoever wishes to wear the chain. 

For women, this chain is a complete game-changer, especially due to the minimalistic design it offers. For that reason, the chain stands out amidst other chains that “try too hard.” These chains may be available in a diversified price range but are generally cheaper since they contain lesser gold. 

Byzantine Chains

Byzantine chains are one of the most expensive chains out there because of their weight. The design behind these chains originated from the Byzantine empire itself. 

Moreover, these chains comprise an intricate metallic design and have a rope-like texture. They cost upwards of several thousand dollars but are bound to make the receiver of the chain extremely happy, especially if they’re given as a gift. 

Cuban Chains

Talking about Cuban chains, they’re massively expensive. Calling these chains expensive would actually be an understatement. This is because these chains cost around 27,000 dollars and are considered to be the epitome of luxury. 

They are designed in the form of a standard cable link with ovals that intersect each other in a rope-like pattern. The designs for these chains originated from Miami in the early ’70s. Furthermore, these chains are massively sought after by not just women but men as well. 

Snake Chains

As the name suggests, Snake chains are chains that are formed in the shape of a snake. These chains generally have extremely good textures and make for great pendants. Moreover, depending on the amount of gold they contain, they may actually prove to be quite resilient. 

Now, since they contain gold, it might not be wise to wear these chains on a daily basis. However, they may prove to be an intriguing accessory at an event or such. 

The best thing about this chain is that it doesn’t entrap your hair and may cost lower than most of the other chains out there. 

Wheat Chains

Referred to by many as the Spiga chain, the wheat chain has four strands of oval links twisted around them. These chains often make the best type of pendants. 

What’s even more intriguing is that they are one of the strongest chains you might be able to buy. These chains resemble a rope chain and look absolutely stunning. The price for this chain varies around 300 -900 dollars. 


All in all, gold chains don’t just make for amazing gifts for women but also strike out as a way to enhance your style. If you, as a woman, wish to take your sense of style to a whole other level, purchasing a gold chain may be the way to go.