Gluten-Free Subway Sandwiches to Try on a Diet

The gluten-free diet has always been a good way to be in shape and this helps in staying healthy as well. And At Subway, there is a wide range of food items to have made from the highly skilled people who are younger and disciplined. After seeing such young faces, it makes me wonderhow old you have to be to work at Subway so as to gain such a great level of excellence.

As of now, the major concern is choosing the correct Gluten-free food. This can be a headache especially when you are at home!! But not from now on, as this post can help you to choose the gluten-free menu at subway and about its appandhow to use subway app.

Gluten-Free Subway Sandwiches

Subway usually doesn’t offer the gluten-free menu range. So deciding among the variety of food is difficult most of the time. Thus, making it easier for you, we have peeped through a number of articles and have come up with tastier and healthier options.

But, before proceeding, you need to keep in mind that all the food items in the Subway are not gluten-free!!! Yes, this can be sad for all diet lovers.

According to the internet and my personal experience, are:

  • Bacon Strips
  • Carved Turkey
  • Oven Roasted Chicken Patty
  • Plain Chicken Strips
  • Cold Cut Combo Meats
  • Regular Egg Omelet

Below is a detailed description of the nutritional values, diet facts, and many more things in this article.

Bacon Strips

Bacon Strips are dipped into the sauce, then slowly cooked to give the strips a perfect color and Smokey taste. The exotic flavors of all the spices come together to make the Bacon Strips more tempting. Bacon Strips possess more fats and protein.

Calorie count:

The saturated fat in one serving is about 40 grams whereas trans-fat is 0mg. ,71% of the calories are from fat.

There are 2 bacon strips of 90 gm each, wrapped in a sandwich with mayo, salad and yummy sauces.  

Carved Turkey

Carved Turkey comes with white turkey meat with veggies of our choice. The turkey meat is cooked with all the spices and flavor to give it an exotic taste. After cooking the meat the whole mixture with your desired veggies packed in a soft bun with cheese, mayo, and sauce.

Calorie count:

Carved Turkey has a fat index of 27g whereas the trans-fat value is 7g in one serving. 69% of the calories are from fat. Carved Turkey also has a protein value of 53g in one serving.

The Carved Turkey sandwich is a good meal to go for.  

Oven Roasted Chicken Patty

The crushed chicken meat is mixed with spices and molded-in thick circular patty shapes. The patties then roasted on low flame to give the tender chicken its texture and flavor. The roasted patty then filled in the gluten-free bread to make it more tempting and exotic.

Calorie count:

The 85g Oven Roasted Chicken Patty has a fat value of 6g whereas the trans-fat is 0g. The whole bun has 120 calories. The total meal contains 43% of protein values.

Plain Chicken Strips

The boneless chicken is processed with raw spices and tempting sauces that give the Plain Chicken Strips its color and texture. Then the processed meat is deep fry. The fried fingers are filled in a subway bun with lettuce, tomato, and onion.

Calorie count:

Plain Chicken Strips has 80 calories per serving. The item has a fat index of 1.5g fat in one serving with a protein value of 16g.

The Plain Chicken Strips is also good for your bones.

Cold Cut Combo Meats

The Cold Cut Combo Meats is a combination of ham, white turkey, and salami. The crushed meat is processed and mold in thin sheets. The meat sheets are then cooked and filled in a bun with your desired veggies, mayonnaise, and sauce. The lettuce and tomato give the sandwich a mild and crisp taste whereas the tomato and meat make the subway juicier.

Calorie count:

The Cold Cut Combo Meats has a fat index of 11g whereas the protein is only 10g. The total calories on one serving are 140. 

Regular Egg Omelet

Regular Egg Omelet is a breakfast menu high in protein and fiber. You can change the Regular Egg Omelet with egg and bacon, or egg and cheese options. The omelet is filled in the bread with cheese. A simple and protein-rich diet that helps you to manage calories.

Calorie count:

The Fat index of the sandwich is 2g whereas the protein is 9g. The total amount of calories in one serving is 120. A single serving of Regular Egg Omelet is 85g. If you are on a low-carb and high protein diet, you should definitely try this one. 

Final Verdict

So, this is what you can have in Subway if you are in search of a gluten-free diet. Likely not all the meals are gluten-free, so keeping in that mind, try from the above menu.

Hope you will love eating all the special meals. Enjoy!!!!