New England Vacation

Getting the Most of a New England Vacation

One of the most overlooked vacation destinations in the United States is New England. Many people think that only Revolutionary War buffs can enjoy a trip out east, but visiting the coast can be an incredible trip that gives you lifelong memories. If you want a trip where you get amazing views, incredible food, and warm service all at once, here’s how to make your New England vacation fit that bill. 

Explore the Coast

If you’re planning a New England trip, one of the biggest things you’ll want to see is the Atlantic coast. Visiting the coast doesn’t just entail staring at the ocean, although that is a big part of it. If you’re planning to vacation near the coastline, you could go tidepooling, paddleboarding, or boating. Depending on what season you’re planning on traveling in, some New England cruises even offer whale watching. Getting out to see this amazing natural phenomenon will give you memories to look back on for the rest of your life. 

For those planning on traveling along the coast, a must-see destination is Cape Cod. This destination offers some amazing views, including some of the most easily recognizable lighthouses. If you plan on visiting Cape Cod, a camera is a necessity. No matter where you go on Cape Cod, you’re sure to get some amazing views. Between the picturesque lighthouses, awe-inspiring natural landscapes, and cute towns and architecture, you’ll have plenty of things to capture. If you’re planning on visiting New England, seeing the coast should be high on your priority list. 

Try Local Cuisine

Another staple of New England vacations is the local food. Whether or not you’re a foodie, the dishes in this area of the United States are some of the most unique and delicious in the entire country. The main staple of all the plates here is seafood, but you can find something for you no matter what you like to eat. If you like seafood, many of the restaurants catch theirs the same day they serve it. This is a level of freshness you can taste. Between the fresh seafood and the hearty vegetables and bread, you’ll never leave a table less than full while vacationing in New England. 

If you don’t want to spend your vacation swimming in lobster and other seafood dishes, the New England region also has many wine tours to offer. Because of the cool, wet climate, vineyards are incredibly successful in this region of the US. Many of these vineyards offer tastings, education, and special tours of the facility for their guests. For anyone who prefers a relaxing glass of wine with some cheese and fruit over a large meal, consider a wine tour on your vacation. No matter what your tastes are, the cuisine in New England isn’t to be missed. 

Embrace a New Adventure

Finally, if you’re planning on heading out to New England for a vacation, don’t be afraid to head off the beaten path. Depending on what season you’re planning your trip in, you could be able to head into the mountains for some hiking, find a lake for some wild skating, or see some of the most stunning autumn views in the world. Preparing yourself for an adventure can give you a different view of the New England experience, where you might otherwise just experience the more touristy destinations. 

No matter what part of New England you’re heading to, it’s a good idea to talk to the locals. They’ll know the best spots to visit, eat, and see. Getting advice from those native to the area will give you a deeper experience on your vacation, making better and stronger memories along the way. The entire area of New England is incredibly old and historic, so you’ll be shocked at some of the things you may find accidentally. The everyday shops might be over 150 years old, so keep your eyes up and look for the adventure at every stop you make.