Gen Z Tiktokers are Threatening Climate Change

Gen Z tiktokers are driving their fashion habits towards a climate and environment crisis. Climate change has become a huge concern for the modern world. Gen Z has been at the forefront of the climate change battle so far. However, Their addiction to live shopping and fast fashion trends have disastrous impacts on the climate. 

Gen Z tiktokers are not hesitant towards the idea of sustainable shopping. A research survey by First Insight and the University of Pennsylvania states that 75% are more concerned about sustainability than brand names. However, the reality of their buying habits says otherwise. Many other respondents are ready to shop sustainably but with high quality. Most of them are likely to wear the clothes just once as well. 

Tiktok is a pioneer app in making or breaking a trend. Decisions of most consumers nowadays are influenced by Tiktokers. People tend to follow the trends suggested by their favorite influencers. Whether it is a tiktoker who uploads self-help videos, motivational videos, spiritual ideas, or life teachings, their followers always find their interests in their content. Tiktokers benefit from promoting and selling clothes through social media platforms. 

Live shopping refers to the sale of clothes either through social media platforms or video live-streaming. Materials used in such clothes are cheaper and are non-eco-friendly materials. The way of delivering the goods increases the emission of CO2 to the environment. Carbon footprint is on the rise with the trend

Fast Fashion is a business model that many retailers use to sell clothes similar to catwalk styles and branded/trendy clothes. These cheaper versions of trendy/branded clothes are manufactured in large amounts. Most of them usually end landfills and are not eco-friendly. 

The fashion industry is the second-biggest in consuming water and is responsible for 10% of carbon emissions, according to the UN Environment Programme. Over 100 million tonnes of clothes fill landfills every year

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