Garage Door Torsion Spring and what you need to know about them

As compared to some of the aspects of your home like HVAC system or your sewerage and plumbing system, your garage door might look as if it is something that is straightforward. All you have to do is to push a button, the pulley is able to lift the door and your car gets safely back onto the driveway before using a remote in closing the garage door. 

As much as your garage door seems to be an affair which is quite straightforward, it might have a lot of working parts, all that have to function well. Otherwise, it might be hard for the garage door to lower or rise efficiently and safely. Try taking a look at your door along with the door’s remote and panels, you will find that, there are several belts, hinges, and springs which seem to be all working in harmony to make sure that, the door is able to work.

Springs is the most important component of the garage door and thus, a need to know more about it and that is what  DoReMi Garage Door Repair Los Angeles specialize in repairing. Without springs which are functioning, your door will not be in a position to close or open or it will just have to slam shut at other times. 

How the torsion springs work

You could be an expert as far as the motor or the operator of your garage door is concerned to do the major work of the door. While the operator does expend certain energy when lowering and raising, the door springs will accept the heaviest burden. 

The torsion springs are known to offset the weight of the garage door, making it simple for the operator to be able to lower and raise. If you find that your door weighs about 250 pounds, your torsion springs have to exert the same amount of force so that the door can easily close and open. Because there is a lot of force which is exerted, there is a possibility of your torsion springs being under a lot of pressure.

Without torsion springs which are functioning, the operator will need to accept the full weight of the garage door. But without having the springs counterbalancing the weight of the door, the motor might not have the capacity of raising several pounds on its own.

Majority of the garage doors have the torsion springs on the upper left and right corner, but depending on the model and make of the garage door, it might be having only a single torsion spring which should be located at the door’s top in the center.

Why you need to engage a professional torsion spring repair

If it happens that your door doesn’t close or open, but the belts and pulleys seem to be intact, and the motor is running, then your torsion spring might be the problem. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to purchase new torsion springs, and thus, most homeowners consider replacing the springs on their own when it happens that one has gone out.

To replace a garage door spring can become quite dangerous. Because springs are under a lot of pressure, the might end up injuring your hands and fingers if you are not sure what you need to do exactly while handling them.

Majority of the injuries do happen when the homeowners try winding the spring in place. If the bar of your winding slips while you are doing the tightening or spring loosening, the spring will instantly release thousands of tension. Depending on the heaviness of your garage door, the tension might be great and thus, harm you seriously. Thus, in most instances, you need to go for an expert in garage doors to handle the broken springs.

What to do to make sure that your torsion spring lasts

Majority of the components of the garage door which include the spring need to last for several years. If you are taking good care of the door, the springs and the door might last for decades before they require any type of replacement or repair. You don’t have to replace the torsion springs all by yourself but involve professionals to do it.