Making predictions is still silly and tough. Unprecedented global events have had an effect on all businesses, not just the gaming industry. Nevertheless, let’s dive in and utilize our crystal ball to make some predictions that will likely be proven foolish in a year.


Innovation has always been a defining characteristic of the online gambling sector, and this trend should continue in 2023. There is lots of incentive to offer players new experiences, and we can anticipate some fascinating advancements with iGaming interest at an all-time high. Demand for the best online games has been driving innovation and expect to see more hybrid features such as Crazy Coin Flip Live from Evolution. Indeed, the live dealer offerings should be the area we see the most advance with more engaging game show experiences and a multitude of tie-ins with movie and TV hits. The success of brands such as Monopoly and the classic shows Deal Or No Deal and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire hasn’t gone unnoticed and developers want to land the next big tie-in.

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The metaverse is a money pit that will take a very long time to mature fully. It will take time for it to live up to our sci-fi fantasies. Even though a Ready Player One scenario is still so far off, the groundwork is already being laid. Sadly, 2023 won’t be a game-changing year, and it will take years to develop the original experiences and activities that will motivate the general public to participate.
While creating those experiences is paramount, there are other concerns that could become critical. Concerns around monitoring social interactions and privacy remain and people are generally averse to a metaverse monopoly forming. However, 2023 should see continued progress, particularly in the corporate sector as more businesses begin to model real-world operations in the metaverse.

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That gaming can assist in improving areas such as manual dexterity is now generally accepted knowledge. Through characters and virtual environments, gaming offers a secure environment where one can make mistakes, develop resilience, face obstacles, and explore different identities. Many now tout the advantages of using online gaming for the development of complicated problem-solving skills, which is an important skillset to have in life generally.
VR and AR subscription-based workout platforms will continue to be an area of expansion and innovation. There remains a novelty factor of these workouts, but more and more people will come to find them an essential part of the routine. While games such as Beat Saber have proved popular, immersive fitness and meditation apps with real coaches appear to offer the greatest potential to persuade the masses to quit the gym and buy a VR headset.
Not the most provocative or risky predictions, but generally positive about the direction of the industry. 2023 is a year to look forward to as there’s no doubt that developers now have the ability to astound us like never before.

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