We don’t necessarily have to incur serious expenses if we surprise our acquaintances with some useful little device or accessory. Or just ourselves. Or our smartphone.

There are seven like the wicked, but there is no question of wickedness, for below we show seven products with which we can surprise our loved ones and acquaintances in a positive sense. If you choose one of these, chances are there won’t be such a forced smile as the reward that the gifted party will put on your face when you see the usual socks, chocolate, and other similar surprises.


Thanks to the LED auxiliary light built into the back of smartphones, which can also be used for notification, we no longer have to look for candles or flashlights in the event of an unexpected power failure. However, the brightness of mobiles, which can also be perceived as a digital Swiss Army knife, is not always satisfactory and a dedicated target device can often do a good job. These go far beyond the old-fashioned flashlights powered by huge goliath elements familiar from our childhood. In recent times, on the one hand, the brightness of flashlights has increased significantly, and on the other hand, their consumption and size have decreased a lot.

Of course, here, we are not thinking of the cheapest lamps. There are some models that can illuminate up to a distance of 278 meters and operate for more than 500 hours on a single charge at reduced brightness. The brightness of the flashlights can be adjusted in steps, and many times we also get an automatic SOS indicator light mode.

Smart connector

The question may rightly be asked, what makes a simple connector a smart plug? After all, if you plug in a vacuum cleaner, iron, or radio, the outlet simply gives them power, and that’s it. Well, basically yes, but a smart connector can have a number of convenience and even safety features.

Installation is very simple: plug the gadget into a traditional electrical outlet and then connect it to your home wireless network at the touch of a button. As a final step, you need to install the manufacturer’s smart home application on your phone and/or tablet.

With the help of the latter, the consumer connected to the smart connector can be energized essentially from anywhere and at any time, even remotely. With applications that can usually be installed on all types of smartphones, you can also set up timing plans, query current consumption, and even check from your workplace to see if you’ve left your home lights on. 

Selfie ring

There are many types of rings, there are seal rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, and for a while you can even get a selfie ring. No, it’s not a piece of jewellery that takes a self-portrait of us through a tiny built-in camera, nor is it one that can be used to unlock our mobile selfie camera at the touch of a button.

Something much simpler than that, not so much a high-tech solution. A kind of special safety gadget that can be used to protect your phone from accidentally falling to the ground in sensitive situations, such as taking a self-portrait. The tiny ring simply attaches to the back of the phone and your middle finger is inserted through it, after which it is guaranteed that even the most neck-wrapped selfie poses will not result in a cobweb display. The self-ring can also function as a table holder or stand for our mobile phone.

Solar energy for our gadgets

Our gadgets, which are always with us, and especially our smartphones, are usually always drained when there are no mains charging options nearby. In the better case, we take a power bank out of our bag, and in the worst case, we just look at the decrease in the last per cent of the battery charge level.

By the way, we can even hang a solar charger out of our bag, with which we can even power the tired battery of our mobile phone in an environmentally conscious way. Even if, of course, it is up in the sky that certain bright celestial body.

There are many super-thin solar chargers, which can be easily applied even to the inside of our car’s windshield, is only 2 millimetres thick and only slightly thicker than the standard USB connector. The 10 W solar panel absorbs sunlight on a 26×14 centimetre surface. 

And this way we can give a longer life to our favourite gadgets and phones. So if we have to wait for a longer it won’t be a problem for our battery if we watch a YouTube video or play some games on Admiral casino in the meantime.

Bluetooth cap

Nowadays, as the temperature rises more and more often at 0 degrees Celsius, even those who can’t afford different headgear anyway can wear a good warm cap. And voters listening to music on the go will somehow try to combine a cap and headphones. With more or less aesthetic success.

However, this pairing can now be done by a cap manufacturer instead, as you can now even get caps with built-in headphones. What’s more, they even have a microphone so they can even be used to make phone calls without further ado.

Our phone can be connected to the “smart cap” via Bluetooth, which has playback control and volume keys on the side. So let’s not be surprised if the young people sitting in front of us on the team are constantly reaching for their caps. 

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