Organizing your stuff and relocating to a new place call for a healthy perspective. Moving a commercial business is more complicated than moving home since more people are involved, making the process more stressful and challenging. Additionally, you need to prepare and move an entire workplace. Hiring professional office movers in Fairfax VA might spare you a lot of stress.

You can make the moving day exciting and enjoyable by following the proper planning, organizing, and moving professionals’ guidance.

Here are some suggestions from our knowledgeable team of office and commercial movers to help you move your company as efficiently as possible.

·       Inform your stakeholders: As soon as the change is official, inform your customers because they are the heart and soul of your company and the ones that help you succeed. Give your customers enough time to learn about the move, depending on your business type and whether clients frequently stop by. Print notices and signs indicating the new address and the precise time you’ll be moving in.

Additionally, make sure to update your address on any social media platforms, business cards, and stationery where it appears. Notify any other organizations that need to know about your new address, such as the post office, financial institutions, and others.

·       Coordinate with your teams:  Talk to your IT team about your relocation project at least three months in advance. To ensure that all of your IT services are correctly handled, they will need more time to back up data, modify subscription details, and consult with their vendors. When you get to your new office, you don’t want to realize that your phone lines are out of service and that your Internet is not yet connected.

During the first few months, remind your colleagues to let anyone visiting your new office know that your address has changed.

Do not assume that they are aware of it already. You don’t want a significant client to show up at your previous office location. Plan your move during a time when there aren’t any pressing deadlines. Your moving company shouldn’t be taking your sales team’s computers and desks out the door while they are racing to submit a tender.

·       Stay as organized as possible: One of the best ways to remain on top of things throughout the relocation is organisation and having protocols beforehand. Establish a storage room for donations after starting with easy tasks like making a list of what needs to stay and what needs to go.

Reduce your clutter as much as possible and donate some things every week. Organizing your area will make you feel refreshed and save money on moving. Start packing as soon as possible after everything has been purged and donated. Most people like to start with large objects, but the small items usually steal the most time, so packing plants and small office supplies first will save you the most time.

Packing should start with unwanted items and those you don’t use frequently. Packing takes up to several weeks, which is commonly underestimated, especially in a commercial situation.

·       Work with professionals: If you’re relocating your home, it might be feasible for you to handle the move yourself by enlisting the aid of friends and relatives, especially if you don’t have a lot of furniture to begin with.

Working with a reputable moving firm would be appropriate for business relocation tasks. Most people lack the necessary skills, motivation, or interest to move office furniture and assets.

Things can easily go misplaced or damaged, and occasionally you won’t realise it for months after the move. Most business employees dislike moving offices, and the procedure can lead to resentment. Additionally, it diverts your co-workers’ attention from important day-to-day business tasks.

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