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    Sonu Bhatt

    MarkNtel Advisors, a leading market research company, has recently releases report titled “UAE Subscription-based Meals Market Report by Cuisine Type (International/Wholesome, Indian, Arabic, Others), By Diet Type (Vegan/Vegetarian, Pescatarian/Non-Vegetarian), By Function (Fitness (Weight-Loss, Muscle Gain, etc.), and Region 2024-2030”. The study provides a detailed analysis of the industry, including the UAE Subscription-based Meals market size, share, top player, latest trends, and growth forecasts. The report also includes geographical analysis and highlights the latest advancements in the market.

    How Big is the UAE Subscription-based Meals Industry?

    The UAE Subscription-based Meals Market size reached USD 138.45 Million in 2023. Looking forward, it is expected to rise at a CAGR of around 4.2% during the forecast period 2024-2030.

    Download Free Sample [PDF, Excel, PPT] of the Report – https://www.marknteladvisors.com/query/request-sample/uae-subscription-based-meals-market.html

    UAE Subscription-based Meals Market Growth Opportunity:

    Shifting Consumer Preferences Towards Nutrition-rich & Portion-Control Diets – With the rising health conscioussness & awareness among the UAE individuals, the demand for portion control diets, nutritional food, and freshly prepared food products is surging rapidly. The UAE has high obese population with prevailing diseases like diabetes & other lifestyle-related disorders. This has been resulting in the increased demand for healthy & portion controlled diets among individuals.

    Moreover, the multicultural population of the UAE, with residents across the world is leading to greater exposure to international cuisines and dietary trends, including nutrition-rich & portion-controlled diets from around the world. Health-conscious individuals and health and wellness trends on social media are also leading to the increasing demand for healthy food among the UAE population


    Competitor Breakdown: Top UAE Subscription-based Meals Companies 2024-2030

    • Kcal
    • Delicut
    • Hello Chef
    • Fitt Meals
    • CurryFit
    • Jetlagged Chef
    • V Meals
    • Right Bite
    • Colour My Plate

    Note: Additional or any 5 specific company in the Market can be added to the list without any Extra cost.

    Cut Costs, Not Market Insights:

    • Get “20%” Discount on Single User
    • Get “20%” Discount on Multi-User
    • Get “30%” Discount on Enterprise User

    On Purchase of the Report, Get it Today – https://www.marknteladvisors.com/research-library/uae-subscription-based-meals-market.html

    Regional Analysis:

    Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, Sharjah &Northern Emirates.

    • Share of each region segment in the Market
    • Potential growth opportunities in the region
    • The growth rate of the region in the Industry

    Breaking Down the UAE Subscription-based Meals Market Segmentation:

    By Cuisine Type

    • International/Wholesome- Market Size & Forecast 2019-2030, (USD Million)
    • Indian- Market Size & Forecast 2019-2030, (USD Million)
    • Arabic- Market Size & Forecast 2019-2030, (USD Million)
    • Others- Market Size & Forecast 2019-2030, (USD Million)

    By Diet Type

    • Vegan/Vegetarian- Market Size & Forecast 2019-2030, (USD Million)
    • Pescatarian/Non-Vegetarian- Market Size & Forecast 2019-2030, (USD Million)

    By Function

    • Fitness (Weight-Loss, Muscle Gain, etc.)- Market Size & Forecast 2019-2030, (USD Million)
    • Regular Diet- Market Size & Forecast 2019-2030, (USD Million)
    • Diabetic- Market Size & Forecast 2019-2030, (USD Million)
    • Others (New Mums, etc.) – Market Size & Forecast 2019-2030, (USD Million)

    By Service Duration

    • Weekly- Market Size & Forecast 2019-2030, (USD Million)
    • Monthly- Market Size & Forecast 2019-2030, (USD Million)
    • Quarterly- Market Size & Forecast 2019-2030, (USD Million)

    Why This Report:

    • We offer strategic insights and data analytics across 80+ countries, empowering clients to make informed decisions.
    • Specializing in niche industries and emerging markets, we help clients identify investment opportunities and maximize ROI.
    • With a global presence and expertise in 15 industry verticals, we deliver comprehensive market research for top multinational firms.
    • Our skilled team provides in-depth qualitative and quantitative research, ensuring detailed and valuable market insights.
    • We support clients with Go-to-Market strategies, competitive benchmarking, market sizing, and trend analysis to drive strategic growth.

    For Purchase Enquiry or Further Discussion

    Connect with our skilled team of analysts and industry experts. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business challenges and goals. Together, we’ll find unique solutions using simple, effective strategies. [Contact Us Today]

    Other Report:

    About US

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