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    Field services include remote jobs ranging from installing, repairing, maintaining, or removing equipment. However, these jobs cannot be performed by using mundane, repetitive, and traditional work because these methods are outdated and prone to errors.

    Fortunately, there is a way that helps you streamline field service management at your fingertips. And that’s none other than TrackoField, an all-encompassing field service management software. With TrackoField in place, you can automate every aspect of your field operation, whether it be attendance marking or task reporting.

    What is TrackoField?

    TrackoField lets managers seamlessly operate their workforce on the fuel of big data. With its in-built modules, managers can automate and manage every aspect of their field operation whether it be about attendance marking, expense management, task tracking, leave acknowledgment, etc.

    Moreover, managers can skip the need for emails and spreadsheets to monitor their field force. Therein, they can minimize the chance of repetitive tasks and errors. The best part is that TrackoField tracks not only in internet connectivity but also in no network zone.

    Here are all the activities that can be easily automated with the power of TrackoField:

    • Seamless employee monitoring
    • Attendance marking
    • Employees’ task tracking
    • Ad-hoc task allocation
    • Shift scheduling
    • Remote order placement
    • Leave reporting and acknowledgment
    • Report generation 
    • Expense tracking, reporting, and management. 
    • Task management 
    • Productivity analysis
    • Payroll processing and disbursement

    Wondering what are some modules equipped with TrackoField? Well, here are they

      • Attendance management system
      • Leave management system
      • Expense management system

    Now, let’s scroll through the guide to explore more about TrackoField and its incredibilities as the best field service monitoring app.

    6 Reasons Why TrackoField is Different from Other Field Service Management Solutions

    Here are some dynamic modules of TrackoField’s workforce management software that make it all unique and superior to other available solutions such as:

    • Remote Attendance Marking

    Remote attendance marking lets employees mark their attendance from multiple task locations. No matter at which task’s site, employees are located, with TrackoField, they can just mark their attendance seamlessly. Different attendance marking methods provided by TrackoField for employees are geo-coded attendance marking, biometric attendance marking, location-based facial verification, etc. All these enable remote attendance marking without compelling employees to travel to the office.

    • Flexible Leave Module

    Another best thing about TrackoField is its flexible leave module. It allows employees to submit leave requests and managers to approve requests in a consolidated platform. That means, managers and employees no longer have to rely on any other means of communication. All they have to do is access the same platform and everything from employees’ balanced leaves to leave taken gets automatically recorded. By automating leave requests and acknowledgment, TrackoField saves administrative and employee time to focus more on business-driven activities.

    • Expense Management System

    Here comes TrackoField’s expense management system. It automates the procedure of expense reporting and acknowledgment. Employees by using the software upload the proof of expenses they have incurred while on duty. Managers receive notifications of every expense claim made by employees. Therein, they assess the vitality of these claims against the proofs uploaded. Consequently, they provide their employees with reimbursement of the amount raised. Besides, managers can access distance-traveled reports to evaluate the accuracy of the expense claims. To learn more about this, get in touch with the experts of TrackoField’s employee tracking software.

    • Task Management System

    With this module, field managers not only allocate ad-hoc to their employees but also manage their schedules after reviewing their skill sets, designations, locations, etc. TrackoField’s task management system, by replacing the need for manual task allocation, helps field managers and employees perform their job roles dedicatedly. Other than this, TrackoField also has target vs. achievement reports that let managers determine the task completed against the allocated task. These reports can help in analyzing employees’ performance individually or collectively.

    • Payroll Management System

    TrackoField also comes up with its payroll management system. Using this managers can easily streamline payouts to each employee, while employees can generate their payslips anytime any where. The module auto-compiles employees’ accurate working hours via its attendance management system, turns them into payroll hours, and makes the entire wage calculation on its own. That means the finance team is not required to do any manual calculations. All they have to do is to run the software for seamless payroll processing and disbursement.

    • Order Management System

    TrackoField’s order management system helps streamline the entire field sales operation with its seamless order management. With this system, field employees can easily create new orders by specifying items and client details. Therein, they send notifications to managers, who get real-time order visibility and place orders with just a few clicks. This way, the system enables faster order processing and ad-hoc order placement.

    In a Nutshell!

    So, this is why TrackoField is unique and power-packed as the field service software. If you want to learn more about the software and how its capabilities bring automation to your field operation, get in touch with the experts of TrackoField.

    Also, the software provides a free trial, upon signing up for it, you can better analyze the performance of TrackoField in improving your workflow.

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