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    An employee GPS tracking software helps businesses monitor their remote workforce in real time. The software improves overall workforce productivity. 

    Managing a remote workforce is not just a business requirement but it is efficient to promote the overall growth of an organisation. Whether you are from the healthcare or retail and publishing industry, every sector needs effective solutions to manage field force appropriately. But how exactly can you do so? It’s simple! All you need to do is invest in an employee GPS tracking software. Find out its meaning and benefits in detail! 

    What Is Employee GPS Tracking Software? 

    An employee GPS tracking software is an automation tool that allows businesses to monitor and manage remote employees. It automated business workflows like allocating jobs, tracking progress, live location monitoring, and recording attendance. In other words, employee time-tracking software streamlines the end-to-end field force operations. It enables the management and teams to communicate clearly and provide top-notch services to the customers. 

    Benefits of Employee GPS Tracking Software 

    An employee GPS tracking app offers a range of benefits to businesses. It ensures that every business optimises its business workflows. Some of the key benefits of the software are as follows: 

    • Enhance Employee Productivity 

    The productivity of remote employees is a major concern of every business. Unlike before, there is now a solution to improve workforce efficiency. You got it right! 

    An employee GPS tracking software helps businesses monitor their field sales representatives in real time. From live location to battery and network connectivity status, the management can get detailed insights about each executive. Thus, employees work seriously when they know that someone is continuously monitoring their activities. 

    • Expedite Processes 

    Imagine you want to assign an urgent task to your field employee. What would be the process you follow? Calling the executive to know about their whereabouts, check their availability, and thereafter assign the tasks. Isn’t it? It will undoubtedly burn a lot of time. 

    When you have employee time tracking software, you can check the task status and live location of field employees efficiently. As a result, the ad-hoc task can be managed quickly. Likewise, the software expedites other business workflows such as employee reimbursement, order management, and more. 

    • Mitigates Human Errors 

    Humans are prone to make errors. Although some human mistakes can be ignored others can cost an arm and a leg for your business. The solution?  An employee GPS tracking app that automates the entire field force operations and reduces the risk of errors. To illustrate, you might record double entries for a single expense when maintaining employee reimbursement documents manually. However, the software flags and automatically rejects the double entries.

    • Improves Customer Satisfaction 

    Businesses flourish when they provide effective customer satisfaction. Employee GPS management software allows businesses to maintain excellent relationships with their customers. It ensures that field sales representatives complete their tasks efficiently and provide quick services to the customers. 

    • Better Decision Making 

    The employee time tracking software also provides important data such as target vs achievement reports, total distance travelled reports, and more. Therefore, the management can save time by manually preparing these reports. They can use it to find the bottlenecks and make strategic business decisions.

    The Best Employee GPS Tracking Software For Your Business 

    Your business needs the right employee GPS tracking software to optimise the entire business workflow. But which is the best software? TrackoField is one of the best employee GPS tracking app providers. 

    Key features include:

    • Task management software
    • Payroll  management software
    • Real-time monitoring software 
    • Expense management software 
    • Attendance and leave management software 
    • Voice and text messaging  

    Some of the reasons for investing in TrackoField’s software solution are: 

    • Seamless integration 
    • 24×7 customer support 
    • User-friendly software 
    • Accurate and precise results 
    • Custom solutions 

    Want to experience the features? Book your demo now! 


    In conclusion, an employee GPS tracking app is a software solution that helps businesses streamline their entire field force operations. Besides this, the software also helps remote employees improve workforce productivity and reduce human errors. Every business that wants to automate and expedite its field force operations must invest in this innovative solution.

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