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    Custom mailer boxes are durable, foldable boxes used for shipping products. They provide excellent protection during transit and are easy to assemble. Kraft material, made from natural fibers, is perfect for mailer boxes. It is unbleached and highly customizable, making it biodegradable.

    Moreover, Kraft material is lightweight, reducing shipping costs and environmental impact. Its durability ensures products stay safe and intact. Due to its versatility, it can be customized to various shapes and sizes. Its simple and natural design highlights the product without overshadowing it.

    Thus, using Kraft for mailer boxes will benefit both products and brands. These boxes are suitable for shipping your products and enhance the appeal of products for maximum consumer attraction.

    Designing Kraft Mailer Boxes: What Things to Consider

    Kraft mailer boxes should be designed with a plan in mind. Every selection you make will influence how the box looks and functions.

    Because your mailer box is crucial for a customer’s initial impression of your brand, you want to provide the most excellent construction version.

    You should consider some packaging dimensions for Kraft mailing box customization:


    If you want to make your product packaging more sustainable, consider using recycled materials. Paper-based materials can be recycled up to five or seven times. Choosing recycled content that benefits the environment.

    There are various cardboard materials to pick from. Kraft material is the unbleached variant, which seems raw and natural. This option will only allow you to use brown, black, or white mailer boxes. If you want a colorful mailer box, use the bleached version with a more excellent texture.

    Box Thickness

    When designing mailer boxes, remember to consider your product. If you need extra protection, use thick Kraft paper rather than plain cardboard.

    Kraft paper material has two thicknesses. One is known as the E-flute. This measures 1.2mm to 2mm thick. It is the most frequent thickness chosen by enterprises. It is ideal for fragile but lightweight materials such as ceramics and glass. The other one is B-flute, which is thicker at 2.5mm to 3mm. This is a great material for mailer boxes carrying heavy products like bottles.

    Size and dimensions

    What size and dimensions will your Kraft mailing boxes be? To answer this question, look at the product. The length, width, and depth of the mailer boxes should be adequate to accommodate the product, with some extra space for cushioning materials.

    You should also choose the best mailer box style. Do you prefer those with dust flaps or without? This will provide additional protection if the custom boxes can be firmly closed.

    Box Closure

    Mailer boxes often have a lid that attaches to the box for closure. The lid features a front flap that tucks into the body of the box.

    If you need more protection for your mailing box, choose a lid with rigid flaps. These are extensions of the lid that fold inside the box. The dust flaps are located on the front and side of the box. If you only have a small sticker to close the mailer box, the extra flaps will prevent it from opening.

    Color Printing

    Simple mailer boxes may require color printing as well. You can enhance the brown color of the kraft material to make it more lively.

    If you use kraft material for your box, you want something simple. However, this does not imply that you must limit yourself to brown. You can also choose black and white.

    You should also check the type of ink used. Request soy-based ink for your package. This will ensure that your mailer box is recyclable and sustainable.


    The polish on mailer boxes affects how they feel to the touch. Like coating, not all package vendors provide this for kraft corrugated cardboard. However, to help you understand your options, here are the many finishes you can employ.

    Glossy appears a little shiny. This makes the box appear reflective, but it also reveals more fingerprints.

    Matte provides your mailer box with a smoother, softer feel and appearance. It does not have the same sheen as the glossy finish. There is also an option to make the matte feel softer, like velvet, but you must request this from the package supplier.

    Advantages of Using Kraft Material for Mailer Box Packaging

    Utilizing custom-printed mailer boxes has some appeal. People prefer well-designed box packaging. When your custom mailer boxes are simple and uncomplicated, they can make a good impression on the recipient. This will be accomplished if you utilize Kraft material for your boxes.

    Here’s why it utilizes Kraft material for mailer box packaging:


    Kraft mailer boxes have a natural, unassuming appearance that appeals to people seeking simplicity in a crowded, fast-paced environment. Kraft material’s raw, brown texture radiates a rustic charm that is both realistic and durable. People would like to be treated like that from time to time.

    This is why many brands prefer to use simple mailer boxes. It’s a nice respite for our overstimulated senses. They use this uncomplicated approach to create a relaxing, minimalist unboxing experience that appeals to modern sensibilities, emphasizing the product’s intrinsic quality and worthwhile avoiding superfluous decorations.


    Kraft mailer boxes are highly versatile and customizable in various shapes, sizes, and designs. They suit diverse needs, from small items to more oversized products. Kraft material can be tailored to fit products perfectly, ensuring protection. This adaptability allows a consistent aesthetic across different product lines. Custom printing and branding enhance the appeal, making each package unique. Versatility supports creative packaging solutions for specific market demands.


    Kraft mailer boxes are made from sturdy corrugated cardboard, ensuring product protection. They withstand rough handling during shipping, keeping contents intact and undamaged. With single or double-wall construction, Kraft material’s strength offers robust defense. Brands can rely on Kraft mailer boxes for high-level security. This enhances customer satisfaction with safe and reliable packaging. Thus, these types of mailer boxes provide extra durability to every product.

    Highlight Products

    Kraft mailer boxes have a simple design, highlighting the product without overshadowing it. The minimalist approach ensures packaging complements rather than competes with the product. Focus on the product sets realistic expectations and enhances customer experience. Kraft’s understated elegance adds authenticity and quality. The product takes center stage, leaving a lasting positive impression. Kraft mailer boxes balance impressive packaging and product focus.


    Kraft mailer boxes are raw and free of chemicals, making them environmentally friendly. This material is biodegradable and recyclable because it is made of natural fibers. Using Kraft minimizes the ecological footprint of packing materials. It requires less processing and fewer materials, making it environmentally friendly. Kraft brands are best to consider environmental sustainability, appealing to eco-conscious consumers. This choice benefits the environment, improves brand reputation, and builds consumer trust.


    Kraft mailer boxes are lightweight and flat-packed, which reduces shipping and storage costs. Their compact shape saves space, enabling efficient transportation and warehousing. This efficiency translates into lower shipping costs and less environmental effects. Fewer journeys and reduced fuel use help both businesses and the environment. Companies can optimize logistics and pass savings to customers. Kraft mailer boxes provide a strong, reliable packaging solution.

    Last Words

    Kraft mailer boxes provide various advantages for brands looking for efficient packaging options. Their durability provides product protection, and their eco-friendliness appeals to ecologically aware customers.

    Furthermore, their lightweight, flat-packed construction lowers shipping and storage expenses, making them cost-effective. Using Kraft mailer boxes, you can balance usefulness, sustainability, and visual appeal, eventually increasing customer happiness and brand loyalty.

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