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    Freya Parker

    Newborn shopping becomes more fun when you know the right kind of place to shop from. A gift store meets the expectations of parents when it has aisles full of wonderful baby essentials, excellent packaging, and seamless customer experience. Want to know where you can find one? We have curated a list of Singapore’s best newborn baby gift shops that provide amazing products and unforgettable shopping experience. Let’s explore together!

    Lovingly Signed

    Lovingly Signed believes that every baby deserves beautiful newborn baby gifts to kickstart their journey of life. To provide every little one with a thoughtful and quality gift, the store has a huge catalog that is loved dearly by parents. All thanks to their personalized quality gifts, they have a strong position in the gift industry. Hand-embroidered will love and care, Lovingly Signed has expert artisans to provide you with the best gifting experience ever. Making every moment memorable and helping parents in this new wonderful chapter, Lovingly Signed offers exceptional gifts that deserve all your love. 


    SuperMom is one of the largest marketplaces in Singapore for parents to get maternity, newborn, baby, and toddler essentials. Discover their lovely collection of gifts and services as they have reached up to the top of the best gift stores in Asia. Find everything you want on a single platform. SuperMom features a broad selection of baby essentials like diapers, feeding, baby food, bath time items, strollers, bedding sets, nursery products, car seats, toys, and a lot more. SuperMom also hosts the largest parenting community in Asia. This has become a major platform for parents to connect and reach out to one another for more tips about parenting. 


    Infantree has been a major seller of baby toys sourced from all across the globe. They have partnered with many suppliers to get tons of baby products in a single marketplace. It also offers quality products like furniture, bathtime items, maternity care, toys, nursery essentials, and many more to provide the finest care to infants and children as they grow up. With a strong relationship with its suppliers and customers, Infantree continues to grow and emerge among the biggest online baby stores in Singapore.

    Elly Milley:

    With just a few years in the gifting industry, Elly Milley has become a major seller of luxurious baby essentials. From swaddles to apparel to weaning products, everything is present at this store. They own a comprehensive selection of baby gifts to assist parents in this new life. Moreover, they source products from brands across the world and check them on their kids first. This gives a peace of mind to parents about the safety and the quality of products they are selling. Elly Milley aims to support and ease moms on their new journey with their finest curation of products. Delivered straight to your doorstep, the practical and adorable baby gifts are ready to make your moment happier. 

    Baby’s Boutique:

    Baby’s Boutique offers a timeless shopping experience to parents by providing lovely little items for their little ones. They have a wide range of toys, clothing, travel essentials, and what not! They provide affordable prices for all their products so parents can easily purchase every item that is needed to take care of their baby. With good quality materials, Baby’s Boutique promises that they are providing best-in-class baby gifts to the little ones as they hop on this journey of life.


    What’s best than offering a meaningful yet cute newborn baby gifts to parents? Lovingly Signed is our favorite store and the best you can have in the entire Singapore. Choose their readymade gift sets or customize your own, their products remain exceptional. Irrespective of the occasion, their gifts are truly loved by new parents. Just select your favorite hamper from Lovingly Signed, personalize it, and wait till babies and parents smile alike.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What types of newborn baby gifts can I find at these stores?

    You can find baby essentials, toys, accessories, baby gear, gifts for mum, and a lot of other products at these baby stores. 

    How long does it take to deliver newborn baby gifts?

    Newborn baby gifts are delivered depending on your location and retailer. If you shop from Lovingly Signed, you can receive your products within the same-day.

    Are newborn baby gifts safe for every baby?

    Yes, newborn baby gifts are made from non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials, making it safe for the babies. Do read out the product descriptions to get an idea about product’s safety.

    Are eco-friendly newborn baby gifts available?

    Yes, you can shop for eco-friendly newborn baby gifts from Lovingly Signed. These products are made from sustainable materials, making it safe for the and conserving the environment simultaneously. 

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