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    Throwing a baby shower is one of the most exciting events leading up to the arrival of a new baby. One of the first steps in planning this special occasion is finding the perfect baby shower invitation. Not only does the invitation set the tone for the event, but it also provides essential information for your guests. we’ll guide you through everything you need to know to find and create the perfect baby shower invitation.

    Understanding the Basics of Baby Shower Invitations

    What is a Baby Shower Invitation?

    A baby shower invitation is a card or digital message sent to invite friends and family to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby. It typically includes details about the event such as the date, time, location, and RSVP information.

    Traditional vs. Modern Baby Shower Invitations

    Traditional baby shower invitations are often printed on high-quality paper and mailed to guests. Modern invitations, however, can be digital and sent via email or social media, offering a more convenient and eco-friendly option.

    Key Elements of a Baby Shower Invitation

    Date and Time

    The invitation should clearly state the date and time of the event. Ensure this information is prominent so guests can plan accordingly.


    Include the full address of the venue. If it’s a virtual baby shower, provide the necessary online meeting details.

    RSVP Information

    Specify how and by when guests should RSVP. This helps in planning the event effectively.

    Host Information

    Mention who is hosting the baby shower, whether it’s a friend, family member, or even the parents-to-be.

    Registry Details

    If there’s a gift registry, include the link or relevant information so guests know what gifts are needed or preferred.

    Types of Baby Shower Invitations

    Printed Invitations

    Printed invitations are traditional and elegant, often sent via mail. They can be customized with various designs, colors, and finishes.

    Digital Invitations

    Digital invitations are convenient and eco-friendly. They can be sent via email or social media and often allow for interactive elements like RSVP tracking.

    Handmade Invitations

    Handmade invitations add a personal touch and can be customized in unique ways. They are perfect for small, intimate gatherings.

    Designing Your Baby Shower Invitation

    Choosing a Theme

    Select a theme that reflects the personality of the parents-to-be or the gender of the baby if known. Popular themes include animals, fairy tales, or specific color schemes.

    Color Schemes

    Choose colors that match your theme. Soft pastels are classic, but bold colors can also make a statement.

    Fonts and Typography

    Select fonts that are easy to read and match the overall aesthetic of the invitation. Avoid overly decorative fonts that might be hard to decipher.

    Imagery and Graphics

    Incorporate images and graphics that enhance the theme. This could include baby-related icons, patterns, or even a photo of the parents-to-be.

    Personalizing Your Baby Shower Invitation

    Custom Messages

    Adding a personalized message can make your invitation stand out. It can be a heartfelt note from the parents-to-be or a fun rhyme.

    Adding Personal Photos

    Including photos of the expecting parents or ultrasound images of the baby can add a personal touch and excitement to the invitation.

    Using Baby’s Name

    If the baby’s name has been chosen, including it on the invitation can make the event feel more intimate and special.

    Where to Find Baby Shower Invitations

    Online Stores

    There are numerous online platforms where you can find a wide variety of baby shower invitations. These stores often offer customizable templates and quick delivery options.

    Local Print Shops

    For those who prefer to see and feel the quality of the invitation before purchasing, local print shops can provide personalized service and professional printing.

    DIY Platforms

    If you enjoy crafting, DIY platforms offer tools and materials to create your own invitations from scratch, adding a unique and personal touch.

    Top Websites for Baby Shower Invitations


    Etsy is a great place to find unique and handmade invitations. Many sellers offer customizable options to fit your theme and preferences.


    Minted provides high-quality printed invitations with a variety of designs from independent artists. Their customization options are extensive.


    Zazzle offers a wide range of invitation designs and allows you to personalize almost every aspect of the invitation.


    Shutterfly is known for its photo printing services, making it an excellent choice for invitations that feature personal photos.

    Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Shower Invitation

    Budget Considerations

    Determine your budget beforehand. Invitations can range from inexpensive digital options to premium printed cards.

    Matching the Theme

    Ensure the design of the invitation matches the theme of your baby shower. Consistency in theme adds to the overall experience.

    Quality of Materials

    If opting for printed invitations, consider the quality of the paper and printing. High-quality materials can make a significant difference in the appearance and feel of the invitation.

    Guest List Size

    The size of your guest list can influence the type of invitation you choose. Larger guest lists might benefit from digital invitations for ease and cost-effectiveness.

    DIY Baby Shower Invitations

    Materials Needed

    To create DIY invitations, gather materials like cardstock, decorative paper, scissors, glue, and embellishments.

    Step-by-Step Guide

    1. Choose a design or template.
    2. Cut the cardstock to the desired size.
    3. Add decorative elements like ribbons, stickers, or stamps.
    4. Write or print the invitation details.
    5. Assemble and add any final touches.

    Creative Ideas

    • Use baby-themed stamps or stickers.
    • Create pop-up elements for a 3D effect.
    • Incorporate fabric or textured paper for a unique feel.

    Sending Out Your Invitations


    Send out invitations at least 4-6 weeks before the event. This gives guests ample time to RSVP and make arrangements.

    Methods (Mail vs. Email)

    Decide whether to send invitations via mail or email based on your guest list and budget. Digital invitations are faster and more cost-effective, while mailed invitations offer a tangible keepsake.

    Tracking RSVPs

    Use RSVP tracking tools if sending digital invitations, or include a return card with mailed invitations for guests to respond.

    Etiquette for Baby Shower Invitations


    Use clear and polite language. Include all essential details without overcrowding the invitation.

    Including Registry Information

    It’s acceptable to include registry information, but do so discreetly. A separate insert or a link on a digital invitation works well.

    Addressing Invitations

    Address invitations properly, using full names and titles as appropriate. This adds a touch of formality and respect.

    Common Mistakes to Avoid

    Typos and Errors

    Proofread the invitation multiple times to avoid any spelling or grammatical errors.

    Forgetting Key Information

    Double-check that all essential details are included, such as date, time, location, and RSVP information.

    Sending Invites Too Late

    Avoid sending invitations too late, as this can lead to low attendance. Aim to send them out 4-6 weeks in advance.

    Inspiration for Baby Shower Invitations

    Theme Ideas

    • Animal Safari
    • Storybook
    • Garden Party
    • Nautical Adventure

    Unique Designs

    • Watercolor Illustrations
    • Minimalist Chic
    • Vintage Patterns
    • Bold and Bright Colors

    Celebrity Baby Shower Invitations

    Take inspiration from celebrity baby showers, which often feature luxurious and creative invitation designs.


    Finding the perfect baby shower invitation is a crucial step in planning a memorable event. By considering factors like design, personalization, and delivery methods, you can ensure your invitations reflect the joy and excitement of welcoming a new baby. Whether you choose printed, digital, or DIY invitations, the key is to make them meaningful and aligned with your celebration’s theme.


    When should I send out baby shower invitations?

    Ideally, send out baby shower invitations 4-6 weeks before the event. This gives your guests enough time to RSVP and make any necessary arrangements.

    How many people should I invite to a baby shower?

    The number of guests can vary, but typically, baby showers are intimate gatherings with close family and friends. Aim for a manageable number that allows for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

    Can I include a gift registry on the invitation?

    Yes, including a gift registry on the invitation is helpful for guests. You can add the registry information discreetly, either as a separate insert or a link on a digital invitation.

    What is the best way to track RSVPs?

    For digital invitations, use RSVP tracking tools provided by the platform. For printed invitations, include a return card for guests to mail back their responses.

    Are digital invitations acceptable for a baby shower?

    Absolutely! Digital invitations are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and convenient. They also allow for easy RSVP tracking and quick updates if needed.

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