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    Kirandeep Kaur

    In previous years, it has been noticeable that the majority of students prefer to study abroad after completing their senior secondary or graduation instead of studying in their nations. However, due to the housing crisis because of the vast population of Indians, the government has announced to close the student visas. This will now lead to an increase in the rejection rate of Canadian study visas.

    So, what can be done to avoid such visa refusals? Well, first of all, you just need to know the reasons for rejections, only then you can find the right solutions. If you are also planning to migrate to Canada in the upcoming intake it is the right time to go through all the reasons behind the visa rejections.

    In this article, we have mentioned the top reasons for student visa rejections in this current scenario along with their relevant solutions. For more information, you can contact the best Canada study visa consultants who are proficient in making your visa application smooth. Also, they can help you with choosing the right course and institution for higher education.

    The main reasons for Canada student visa refusal along with the solutions are given below:

    Choice of Study Program

    First of all, keep in mind that your whole visa depends on the course you have chosen. The bulk of students get refusals due to the wrong selection of courses that are not relevant to their previous studies or prior work experience. Moreover, if your course of study does not align with your future goals, then there are high chance that you will get a visa refusal until or unless you don’t have valid reasons to choose a course beyond your study background. Therefore, to avoid circumstances, you have to carefully choose your study program.

    Insufficient Funds

    The second reason is a failure to prove that you have enough funds to manage your studies as well as living expenses abroad. To study in Canada, you must pay the university/college fee for 1 year with at least 20,635 CAD in your GIC account. Apart from that, you need to show bank statements to prove that you have enough funds. This will show that you are capable of paying the fee for the next year. It is better to arrange finances in advance to video financial barriers later.

    Improper Documents

    Improper documentation may also lead to visa rejections in most of the cases. So, make sure to provide all the documents for the filing process. Not only this, keep in mind that every document must be original and valid. If you submit any fake documents or skip any document then there are high chances of visa rejection. Moreover, the funds you are showing must be genuine, because many students finance their funds. So, make sure to cover your financials only through licensed authorities.

    Lower Scores in the Language Test

    If you fail to achieve the minimum required scores in the English language proficiency test, then you are at risk of visa refusal. For Canada, you must have at least 6 overall bands in IELTS if going for a bachelor’s and 6.5 bands for a master’s. So, check the minimum score requirements of various institutions to avoid any issues later.

    A Lack of Family Ties

    If you fail to prove that you will come back to your home country after completing your education in Canada, the officers will not grant you your study visa. Therefore, it is important to write a perfect SOP that shows your intention of coming back to your country upon completion of your education in Canada. You also have to mention how getting a degree from a Canadian institute helps you in getting the desired job in your home country. Besides this, you can also mention other valid reasons to prove your strong ties with your country.

    If you are planning to migrate to Australia for higher studies then link with the best Australia study visa consultants who can guide you through the entire process of visa application.

    Wrapping Up

    To wrap up, these are the top reasons that led to the Canada student visa rejection. If you don’t want to get refused and aspire to get your visa on a fresh attempt, you can follow the solutions given above. Most importantly, make sure to lodge your file carefully by seeking expert guidance for positive results.

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