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    Bond clean

    Cleaning your house is essential as it can give rise to bacteria, germs, and a sense of negativity too. But it is a dumb decision to start cleaning your house without proper planning. Even Bond Cleaning Sunshine Coast suggests making a checklist before you kickstart your cleaning tasks. 

    Suppose you are at the end of your lease agreement and suddenly realize that you haven’t yet cleaned your rental property and have a sense of fear of losing your security deposit. 

    In a hurry, you start working on the cleaning process without planning, and boom at a point you get confused about how to continue and where to end. Nobody will give you the pathway to complete your cleaning in the middle of it. Hence, it is necessary to make a checklist before you get started. 

    In this blog post, we will cover all the essential steps in cleaning your house to avoid any kind of hassle.

    Why is it necessary to clean your house?

    You must clean your house from time to time especially when you have an asthma patient in your house. Also, it is difficult to live in a place where there is no cleanliness. Here are the six common reasons to clean your house:

    • Health: If you care about yourself and your family, you must keep a check on the cleanliness to ensure the health of your family. A clean place is your happy home.
    • Positivity: If your house is clean, it creates a sense of positivity. Whenever we come back to our house after work, we seek positive vibes so that we can come home to feel relaxed.
    • Finding stuff: It is easier to find your stuff in a clean house than in a messy one. Finding your stuff on time will never let you get late for anything.
    • Children’s safety: Infants tend to pick up things from the floor and start chewing for no reason. If we have cleaned our house properly then it is safer for kids.
    • Guests: Sometimes our guests pay a surprise visit to us and if they find our home messy, it is quite embarrassing for both parties. It is essential to keep our house clean.

    What is the perfect order to clean your house?

    The perfect order says to clean from the toughest areas to the less visited areas. Let us discuss the perfect order to clean your house: 

    1. Bathroom: The bathroom may seem like a small area but is very time-consuming. There is a lot of space to check on including the basin, the floor, the pot, etc. You must scrub the shower, taps, bathtubs, buckets, etc. 
    2. Dusting: Take a dry rough cloth and start dusting major areas like furniture, bedroom, and all the areas where you can spot dust with the naked eye.
    3. Brooming/Vacuuming: Either start by brooming or by vacuuming the floor and remove all the dust particles [may not be seen through the naked eye]. 
    4. Mopping: After brooming or vacuuming, get a wet mop and clean the floor with it to make it appear shiny. You can use disinfectant to remove any chance of germs.
    5. Kitchen: Clean your kitchen as it will take too long because you need to clean all your crockery items and then the slab and then the floor. It will take away too long. Bond Cleaning in Perth also suggests cleaning your kitchen at last as it will take too long and maybe more hectic. If possible you can clean it the very next day to avoid hassle.


    In conclusion, it is necessary to note that we need a perfect cleaning of our house with planning to avoid any mess. You can start from the least visited area to the most or vice-versa. If you follow the steps mentioned in the blog above, you can easily complete your home cleaning, and if you still find it difficult then you can go for some bond cleaning experts.

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