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    Freya Parker

    There’s nothing quite like getting out in the winter for skiing.  It’s the season to create memories. But “where to head for skiing” is what everyone is mostly stuck with. However, the best destination is Mammoth Lakes Ski Resort

    With over 3,500 acres of skiable terrain, this resort has the longest skiing season of the California – typically from November to July. Getting out for outdoor activities is no doubt an excellent idea but having no suitable place to stay may worse the whole excitement, right?      

    For that reason, this resort has different accommodations in its surroundings, so you can choose what suits you. In this article, I’ll name all of them and shed light on how you can book them.  

    What are the different accommodations near Mammoth Lakes Ski Resort? 

    Here is a list of different accommodations: 

    • Hotels 

    The most common type of accommodation is the hotels. They have a kind of luxurious amenities like spas, business centers, ski rental shops, and more. Hotels are usually for short-term stays.  

    On top of that, hotels offer immediate access to the slopes, so you don’t have to hassle for transport to get there. That means splurging on the hotels can save you money on the other side of transportation. 

    Also, the windows of the hotel rooms directly catch glimpses of the giant mountains – another plus point to consider this option.  

    • Condos 

    Condos short for condominiums are the apartments that offer home-like atmosphere. This is just because they have fully stocked kitchens and spacious living rooms. Amenities like pool, hot-tubs, and WIFI make them highly recommended so you can relax yourself after wandering. 

    Just like hotels, condos are also close to the ski slopes and provide ski-in/ski-out access. This accommodation near Mammoth Lakes ski resort is for the families or the guys who want to feel home away from home for longer stays.

    Staying here means you don’t have to dine out due to the availability of the kitchen.   

    • Cabins & Chalets

    They are known for their rustic charm and proximity to nature. Those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle and soak their feet in tranquillity can choose it. 

    Cabins & chalets have outdoor decks, private hot tubs, and beautiful natural surroundings. 

    Staying here means you’ll get the nostalgic vibes and the release of your dopamine. While you’re surrounded by nature, you’ll need to travel for city restaurants and exploration.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing Accommodation 

    Got the types of accommodation to choose from? Well, that’s not enough. You should also keep some points in mind when choosing them.

    • Proximity to Ski Resort  

    Going skiing and living far away, where it’s too difficult to access the resort, is not fair. Therefore, after you have made a mind to choose a particular accommodation type, prioritize its location near ski resort.  

    There is no point in struggling to access the resort when you have come here only for skiing.

    You should consider the location like Main Lodge, Canyon Lodge, and The Village of your accommodation. This will save you time, efforts, and of course money. 

    • Amenities 

    Another thing to keep in mind is what amenities your chosen rental offers. Suppose you have been skiing and are back to your room. Now you want to take a bath to relax but find no hot water. How would be that? You’ll feel too frustrated, isn’t it? 

    That’s why overlooking amenities can take a toll on your tour. Along with that you should also consider the WIFI availability. You are out of the town doesn’t mean you should be disconnected to your family. You may receive any important text or call.  

    So, having basic amenities like WIFI, hot tub, and parking in your Mammoth vacation rentals is a Must.  

    • Advance booking   

    Prices of the accommodations vary as per season. For example, due to the high demand of skiing, a lot of people come here in winter, so booking the accommodation can be challenging. Instead of doubling down on reservation after reaching, you should go book in advance. 

    That way, you’ll be free from booking stress, and all your focus will be on creating memories on the white snow like a Pro.  Since November is the month to attract the skiers so you should book your place almost one month earlier.      

    How to book your accommodation? 

    There are two ways to book your accommodation: contact direct to the rentals or use third-party sites.

    In case of direct booking, you’ll be directly contacting to the rental staff using their website. They’ll let you know everything like how far they’re from Mammoth Lakes ski resort or what amenities they have for you. And making a good informed decision will be easy-peasy. Contacting them is free of cost. 

    But when it comes to third party site, you’ll be using the booking sites such as Booking.com or Expedia. Here the good thing is that you’ve a list of different rentals with different prices so you can select the suitable one. However, the downside is that you also have to pay extra fees to use these sites. 

    No matter whatever option you’re choosing to contact, checking the reviews of the accommodation is crucial either way.

    Top-Rated Condos near Mammoth Lakes Ski Resort

    If you’re having a tour soon to the Mammoth Lakes and looking for the accommodation that gives you home away from home vibes, ST. Anton is your go-to. They have condos in the best condition to make you comfortable apres-ski. Also, accessing Mammoth Lakes ski resort will be convenient because they are close to it.     

    Having chosen them, you’ll experience amazing amenities, such as:  

    • Fully Stocked Kitchens
    • Linens & Towels
    • Fireplace
    • Balconies
    • Free Upgraded Cable/TV
    • Dining Table & Chairs
    • Wi-Fi
    • Pool
    • Hot Tub
    • Free Covered 


    To sum it up, there are different types of accommodations to choose from near Mammoth Lakes Ski Resort. You can choose hotels, condos, and cabins & chalets. All with different amenities. The choice is your own. But considering the factors like closeness to ski resorts, amenities, and advance booking are crucial.  Winter is a season when this resort is full of visitors; however, you should book your accommodation in advance. And for that, you have two options: directly contact the rentals or use third-party sites.  Thank visiting geeksaroundglobe.com

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