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    Childhood obesity is a crucial health issue across the globe because it can affect the physical health of young people and their cognitive skills and mental health. To deal with this problem, doctors are focusing on different ways to treat obesity. One of these is bariatric surgery, which is helpful for older children and teens with cognitive problems. This article will explain bariatric surgery, its benefits, and the procedure. 

    Understanding the link between obesity and cognitive impairment 

    The first step in solving a problem is to figure out what is causing it. There is a strong link between obesity and cognitive impairment and it is a scary fact that is often overlooked. Cognitive problems often cause people to eat poorly, not be able to control their impulses and stay sedentary, all of which make the risk of obesity even higher. This vicious cycle is harmful for children and teens, who may not be able to lose weight with traditional methods like making changes to their diet and getting more exercise. 

    Bariatric surgery, performed by the best bariatric surgeon in Delhi could change the patient’s life. There are several speciality centres for bariatric and weight loss surgery in Delhi and NCR. People have many options to choose from since the city is home to many experienced bariatric surgeons. 

    How does Bariatric Surgery Work?

    Bariatric surgery is a broad term for different procedures that change the anatomy of the digestive system to help people lose weight. The type of surgery, such as gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, or adjustable gastric banding, depends on the needs of each patient. No matter what method is used, the goal of these procedures is to limit how much food the stomach can hold or stop nutrients from being absorbed. When performed by skilled surgeons, bariatric surgery can cause a significant drop in weight and a marked improvement in obesity-related health problems like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. This life-changing procedure improves the quality of life as a whole and helps people think better, making it a complete solution to the problem.

    Even though there may be benefits, it’s important to remember that bariatric surgery isn’t a solution that works for everyone. The decision to get the surgery should be based on a thorough evaluation of the child’s physical health, mental state, support system and, most importantly, cognitive abilities.

    Due to the cognitive impairment, it is essential to find out if the child can understand and follow the changes in diet and lifestyle that come with the surgery. A bariatric surgeon, a paediatrician, a dietitian, and a psychologist should be on the team that makes the final decision. Also, the family must be involved in these talks and understand the possible risks and long-term changes that will be needed after surgery.

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    Specialized Centres are required for a Successful Surgery

    The quality of healthcare facilities has a big impact on how well bariatric surgery will turn out. It needs modern infrastructure, high-tech medical equipment, and, most importantly, a team of dedicated and experienced medical professionals. 

    To summarize, several reputed hospitals provide medical care for obese children. With their state-of-the-art facilities and highly skilled team of doctors and support staff, the hospitals ensure that patients having bariatric surgery get the best care possible. For teenagers with cognitive problems, bariatric surgery can be a lifeline that will make a huge difference in their quality of life and ability to think. 

    For positive clinical outcomes, it is very important to get a full evaluation, be ready to make changes in your child’s life and create a strong support system. These young people can have a healthier future if their parents talk with the “best bariatric surgeon in Delhi” and take advantage of the expert care that these hospitals provide. Remember that the goal is not just to get the child to lose weight. It is to give the child a healthier and happier life.

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