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    Freya Parker

    AWS certified database specialty exam is designed for individuals who want to gain industry-specific credentials of AWS. and it is good for candidates who are capable of covering a wide range of AWS database services. Who can maximize their skills in database technology that lead the business transformation. Besides all this, it will make a candidate fluent, confident, and able to design, recommend, and maintain a number of AWS database solutions in different use cases. Therefore, it is good to align your preparation with exam requirements. You have to validate these skills in it:

    • Able to differentiate in the number of features of AWS services.  
    • Understanding of requirements for designing and recommending different database solutions relevant to AWS services. 

    Exam Criteria 

    The next important information you should take before appearing for AWS certified database specialty exam is an understanding of exam criteria. Find the prerequisites and verify how good you are to appear in the exam. There are no hardbound requirements but some specific knowledge is required for it. This knowledge and experience will help you to enhance your feasibility in exam appearance. Domains you should go through before appearing for AWS certified database speciality DBS-C01 exam are:

    • 5 years of experience in database technologies. 
    • 2 years of working experience in the AWS platform. 
    • Capable in working with AWS cloud-based solutions and rational or non-relational database premises. 

    Exam specifications 

    Getting a basic understanding of exam format, type of questions, time durations and these kinds of things helps you to appear in the exam with confidence. This important information helps a candidate to improve their acquaintance with exams before going for it. 

    • You can schedule a testing time at the time of registration by the board. 
    • This database specialty exam follows multiple choice and multiple response type questions. 
    • The time duration of the exam will be 3 hours or 180 minutes. 
    • The registration fee for it is 300 USD. 
    • In multiple choice type select one correct answer out of four and in multiple response select two out of five that you find most relevant.
    • candidates can attempt an exam in four languages including English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. 

    Exam content 

    One of the major points of attention on where candidates should focus to appear in the AWS certified database specialty exam is the domains covered in the exam. And they can get reliable information from the official page of AWS. Get it open and download the file with a single click. It will help candidates to cover exact topics and have targeted preparation. Because it not only covers the topics but the weightage of each as well. It contains on following domains:

    • Workload-centric database design.
    • Deployment and migration.
    • Management and operations.
    • Monitoring and troubleshooting.
    • Database security.

    Candidates can have the best preparation by paying proper heed to each domain and all the subtopics of each domain with respect to the weightage of it. It is a detailed overview of domains with subtopics of each. 

    Workload-centric database design

    The first important step in the preparation for the AWS-certified database specialty exam is understanding of workload-centric database design. That accounts for about 26% of exams. These are the subtopics included in it:

    • Opting for a good database service for a particular type of workload and database. 
    • Making strategies for disaster recovery.
    • Database designing for performance, scalability, and compliance. 
    • Comparison of database solutions with costs. 

    Deployment and Migration 

    The second domain of this specialty exam deals with deployment and migration. That accounts for about 20% of the total number of questions on the exam. These are the subdomains covered in it:

    • Automate database deployments 
    • Making strategies for migration and deployment
    • Validation and execution of data migration. 

    Management and operation 

    The third domain for the preparation of AWS certified database specialty exam is management and operations. That accounts for about 18% of the exam. These are the subdomains covered in it. 

    • Streamlining processes and maintaining tasks. 
    • Strategies for backup and storage.
    • Handling the operational environment of database solutions. 

    Monitoring and troubleshooting 

    The fourth domain in the way of preparation candidates should cover is monitoring and troubleshooting. Weightage of which is also 18% in the exam. These are the subtopics covered in this domain:

    • Planning of strategies for alerting and monitoring. 
    • Resolution and troubleshooting of different database issues. 
    • Optimize the performance of the database. 

    Database Security

    The last domain in the preparation for AWS certified database specialty exam is database security. Weightage of which is also 18% in the exam and these are are sub-topics included in it:

    • Evaluate auditing solutions.
    • Understanding the mechanisms for authentication and access control. 
    • Identification of security vulnerabilities in database solutions. 
    • Encryption of data transit and reset. 

    If a candidate has a detailed observation of all these parameters and gets in-depth knowledge included in that, he can get a certificate with flying colors. Make sure to follow the official page of Amazon Web Services for a reliable guide. And it will keep you in touch with updates and any changes as well. 


    What are the requirements for the AWS database specialty exam?

    A candidate should have at least 5 years of experience in common database technologies and 2 years of working experience with the AWS platform. 

    How long is the AWS database specialty exam valid for?

    After the issuance date of this certification, it is valid for three years. After that, you have to make your certification active. 

    Is the AWS database specialty exam worth it?

    Definitely it is useful for database engineers. That sets you apart from your peers and gives you mastery in the database. 

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