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    Bruce Mars

    Liverpool, United Kingdom 17th May 2024, a renowned vape store that has always prioritised customer satisfaction, aims to become vapers’ most preferred online vape shop with its consistent measures towards promoting a healthier lifestyle. The store has made consistent efforts to introduce futuristic vape devices and solutions that are helping thousands quit smoking completely.

    Having spent over 10 years in the vaping industry, they continue to flourish in the market with their carefully curated product selection. They ensure a path to quit smoking while keeping public health safety measures and environment preservation as their top priorities. has launched a summertime fun theme (giving 1 lucky winner a chance to WIN £1,000) as an awareness campaign against the harms of cigarette smoking and helping people switch to better alternatives. The summertime theme features new and highly delectable flavours, especially around summer fruits and delicacies.

    According to the data gathered by over the past 4 years, summer months in the UK are peak periods where more than 50% of customers (on avg.) flock to buy vapes, making it an ideal time to raise awareness. Additional research has shown that.: 

    Analysing vaping trends over the same period, smokers who begin to vape prefer Tobacco flavours over others, while mid to mature-level vapers explore a range of flavours. The majority (62.9%) of current e-cigarette users favoured flavours other than tobacco, like fruit, mint / menthol, sweets, candy and coffee. Tobacco flavours were used by 24.2%, while only 12.9% opted for unflavored options. Notably, nearly 30% of users reported flavour as a key reason for starting to vape as opposed to smoking.

    Busting the myth that vape juices contain harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes, e-juices are purely made from Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. These ingredients are medically approved and found in many household products such as medicines, cosmetics, etc.

    Alectrofag is offering one lucky winner a chance to win a Grand Prize of £1,000 (T&Cs Apply) to help them change their smoking lifestyle to vaping. Just sign up at the store starting from 16th May 2024. The prize money can be used to purchase anything from the online store.

    To promote awareness against smoking, at, we are excited to announce our most exhilarating giveaway. Change your life by signing up today to win a £1000 Gift Voucher, redeemable for anything a smoker would desire in our store – vape kits, e-liquids, pods, coils and beyond.”                                                                                                                                                 Azim Aleem -CEO of Alectrofag

    He further added: Flavours such as Mango Ice are a premium treat on hot days. They offer the luscious sweetness of exotic mangoes and cool down every exhale with the frosty sensation of menthol.’s idea is to introduce the most finely curated and mesmerising flavours for ex-smokers and health-conscious people.

    By stocking innovative and latest juices and vape kits in our online store, we help make your smoking cessation journey easier. Visit our website to stay informed about the latest trends, news, and events in the vaping world. Alectrofag is here to support your journey towards a smoke-free lifestyle every step of the way. 

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    About Alectrofag: is one of the leading vape shops. It launched its first physical store in Liverpool and now extends across the UK. They also have a strong online presence where users can conveniently purchase vape kits, eliquids, disposable vapes and accessories. The company’s mission is to preserve the atmosphere from the toxins released by cigarette smoke and to save human lives from the drastic health concerns associated with tobacco smoking. The idea is to offer a healthier alternative to smoking to minimise unnecessary harm. Alectrofag looks forward to bringing about a change with these revolutionary measures. 

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