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    As more brands turn to Instagram and the flow of content increases, it becomes harder to stand out on the platform. Combined with the declining organic reach on Instagram, there is a risk that your engagement, such as likes and comments on your posts, will decrease.

    Thanks to Instagram’s new algorithm and the variety of posts being created at any time; There’s a good chance your messages aren’t reaching your target audience.

    Continuous posting may not be enough, but some best practices can help you get more comments and likes on Instagram.

    Understanding the new algorithm to get more comments on Instagram

    Before we dive into tips and strategies to get more comments on Instagram, it is important to understand the Instagram algorithm and the changes it has undergone.

    The final algorithm determines the credibility and effectiveness of a rumor based on the number of shares of a particular rumor. The algorithm goes one step further and checks how many users have saved a particular message.

    The more shares and saves a post has, the higher the priority the algorithm assigns to the post. This addition was introduced after we realized that sharing and saving a post requires some effort, as opposed to simply liking a post. Therefore, the posts must be attractive enough so that users can achieve more.

    • Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes similar posts or posts from accounts that the user has interacted with in the past by following, liking, or commenting. These posts are placed higher in the user’s news feed
    • However, interaction is not the only factor considered. Before deciding whether to suggest or show your posts to a specific user, the algorithm also checks the number of followers, the frequency and timing of publication of your posts, and the number of likes and comments on your posts.

    6 Steps to Get More Comments on Instagram

    Here are some tips and tricks to help you get more likes and comments on Instagram by prioritizing your posts and being considered in the Instagram algorithm.

    1. Host a giveaway or contest

    A fun and easy way to get followers to interact with your Instagram posts is to run an Instagram contest or giveaway. You can publish a post on Instagram promoting the contest. And then encourage users to participate by commenting on your post. You can make your contest a week-long campaign that requires users to comment every day.

    You can also enable user-generated content (UGC) and ask your followers to post their photos and tag/mention your brand in the post.

    2. Use niche hashtags

    Using niche hashtags on Instagram can help you build a community around your brand and increase Instagram comments faster.

    It’s also easier to rank higher in smaller hashtags and get found through a hashtag browser: You might not use a hashtag browser, but trust me, a lot of people do.

    I’m talking about a 20x increase in organic traffic. For example, instead of tagging your content with #furniture, which has nearly 20 million posts on Instagram, you can add your business’s location to the hashtag to narrow it down and make it easier for people to find your business.

    3. Post something funny, surprising, or provocative.

    A study into why content goes viral found that some of the most viral moments online also evoke strong emotions. The most common voices were those that aroused anticipation, surprised the viewer, and aroused curiosity and uncertainty. Emotions that evoke feelings of joy were also among the most common.

    So think about what content you could share on Instagram that would get people responding to it as strongly. Another reason is that Stories have many great features that allow you to communicate directly with your audience. You can create polls, ask and answer questions, see what people think about things, take quizzes, and more.

    This form of content is a great way to grow your brand using social media and build a community of loyal fans. Stories also appear in the Hashtag Browser or Explore page, so you can add hashtags there too, and make your content more visible to those who don’t follow you.

    4. Respond quickly to every comment

    Responding to comments on your messages is the most polite thing you can do. This leaves a good impression on the user and offers the opportunity to start a conversation. This allows you to better position your product or service. Good reactions to your posts and more people will probably reply.

    This starts a conversation and allows more users to cancel the comment.

    5. Use sponsored posts/promote your posts

    In addition to the above tactics to get more comments on Instagram in 2024, you can also boost your post to increase engagement. When you look at your post, you will find the Apply button in blue. Promoting a post will give you more exposure and also increase your chances of getting more interactions.

    However, it is advisable to use tactics that can help you get responses or increase engagement on your post organically. Additionally, you can also work on writing detailed captions. Interesting captions also attract the attention of subscribers.

    6. Post at the right time of day

    Our best advice is to test your engagement rate on Instagram by posting at different times throughout the week and scheduling your posts based on the results.

    Whether it’s bright and early Monday morning or late afternoon, try to set a time when your followers are most likely to stop by and leave a comment to maximize daily engagement with your posts. Use a social media content calendar to track your schedule and results.

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