Forex is a combination of two words ‘foreign currency’ and ‘exchange’. Foreign exchange is a process in which the currency of one country is exchanged into another currency for a variety of reasons. It could be for trade, tourism, or business. The FX or forex market is an international marketplace where national currencies are exchanged.

Currency exchange is highly crucial for business because it allows business locally and all over the world. If you are a citizen of the U.S but want to trade or make a purchase from another country, the transaction needs to happen in the currency of the country you are purchasing from. For example, to buy a local product in Britain, you must make the payment in pounds and not dollars.

The international market has no central marketplace to conduct a foreign exchange. Currency trading happens electronically over the counter meaning that all transactions happen between traders via computer devices around the world. The best way to start forex trading course is by doing an online trading course.

This foreign exchange market is functional 24 hours a day for five and a half days a week. Currencies are traded in the major financial centres of major cities like New York, London, Singapore, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Paris across all time zones.

The FX market was mostly dominated by large banks and firms in the past who conducted the trading on behalf of their clients. Lately, it has become more retail oriented. Investors and traders of many sizes are participating in it.

Where does forex trading take place? Why is forex traded?

Forex trading is conducted at three places— forward market, spot market, and futures market. The spot market is the largest of the three markets as it is the underlying asset on which forwards market and futures markets are based. Forex is traded mostly for two reasons – hedging and speculation. Speculation is done by traders for making money off the fall and rise in currencies. Hedging is done to lock in prices for manufacturing and selling in the overseas market.

Why do a forex trading course?

The forex market is highly volatile and the best way to start is after receiving some education on the forex marketplace. Success with bonds and stocks may not necessarily lead to success in currency. Online forex courses are given by experts who will equip a trader of any experience with the tools needed for a profitable trading experience.

Trading courses online can be flexible and internet-based making it super accessible and beneficial for learners. Instructors usually provide classes with PowerPoint presentations, trading simulations, eBooks etc. to students located anywhere. The materials will depend and vary depending on the experience level of the learner. The instructors are all expert traders with significant experience. Students are given strategies, taught risk management, and market insights. You will also learn about market operations and the necessary forex terminology to conduct trading on your own.

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