Flasky Flowers, What happened to the Flasky Flowers All in One Flask & Bouquet after the shark tank

Flasky Flowers, What happened to the Flasky Flowers All in One Flask & Bouquet after the shark tank

Flasky Flowers got your bouquet filled up with your favorite drink and covered with flowers. It is a magical arrangement to stay hydrated on your upcoming big day…!

Haven’t you still heard of Flasky Flowers? And, do you think that you are fully equipped for the upcoming ceremony? Not to worry you, but the reality is no, you are not fully equipped, and let’s see why.

Read what happened to FLASKY FLOWERS worth and net worth update in brief here.

What is Flasky Flowers?

Party vibe with your favorite drink, well what do you think?

Flasky Flowers is the sole manufacturer of an all-in-one handheld flask bouquet. It will help you to stay hydrated throughout party time. In other words, Flasky Flowers is an innovative company that opens up a secret doorway for brides, bridesmaids, and friends to enjoy their favorite drinks while are enrolling their roles in the ceremony.

Deliver your best smile to the world on the upcoming special day of your life. Don’t be nervous. You got your favorite drink with you. Have a sip or two. Calm yourself and shine like a queen.

The product is a super cool accessory that helps you to store your favorite drink when you have switched up your party mode. This bouquet is perfect for weddings, bachelorette parties, bridal exhibitions, pageants, and other ceremonial events of your life.

Flasky Flowers is the sole manufacturer of an all-in-one handheld flask bouquet

Who is the founder of this flask bouquet?

Kelly Moynihan is the creative-minded entrepreneur that provided an answer to “Why can’t there be a combo flask and flower holder?” She and her husband Ryan have invested $60,000 on Kelly’s idea risk everything to give birth to Flasky Flowers.

Kelly was a full-time hairstylist until she came up with this unique idea she has driven her thoughts straight into the material product over one sleepless night by using a baby bottle and a martini glass. Yes, Kelly has the patient license for her 100% USA-made product.

 What Happened at the shark tank

Ryan and Kelly came into the shark tank with an offer of 10% of the equity rights of their organization for $50,000. They both have dramatically introduced their product to the sharks and it was a nice presentation full of creativity.

During the presentation, Kelly and Ryan have explained the origin of the idea and the pathway they have inlined so far. When Kelly says that they have sold their house to gather capital for their business idea, Mark says ‘Woah

‘Ryan has resigned from his job so he can take care of the kids, and I can focus on this’ Kelly said. Mark said ‘Double Woah

I put in $16,000’ Kelly Said and Mark has responded with ‘Tripple WooW’. In a word, it was an awesome scenario to watch. Then after some great enthusiastic conversations between the sharks and the Moynihan offers have started to stream in.

First Lori has offered $50,000 for 20% of the equity rights of the organization and while her offer is standing Kevin has provided a secondary offer stating that he and Mark would like to offer $25,000 each for 10% of the equity rights apiece.

Finally, Kevin and Mark joined Lori and, together have made a counteroffer of $75,000 for 30% of the equity rights of Flasky Flowers 10% apiece. Ryan and Kelly had accepted the final offer made by Kevin, Mark, and Lori.

Inspired by the entrepreneurship skills of Kelly and Ryan 

‘If someone says America is not the greatest country in the world, but the creative entrepreneurs, you keep them on’ 

 Daniel Lubetzky at shark tank pitch

What happened to Flasky Flowers after Shart Tank

After the shart tank offer, Flasky Flowers have increased the market price of their product without flowers to $25. However, even though Lori has tweeted a direct link to the Flasky Flowers website the business has not yet featured on either the websites of Lori, Mark, or Kevin.

There might be a fumble due to the adverse comments and attitudes of the fans. So the sharks may be taking time. However, Flasky Flowers had a great boost after the shark tank.

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What is the net worth of Flasky Flowers?

Kelly and Ryan had come to Shark Tank asking for a $50,000 investment for 10% of the equity rights of their organization but they have accepted the counteroffer made by Lori, Mark, and Kevin of $75,000 investment for 30% equity share. This acceptance has devalued Flaskey Flowers’s net worth by 50%. Originally the company had a net worth of half a million dollars but now it only has a net worth of $250,000. 

How is Flasky Flowers Doing?

After Shark Tank, the company had an investment and increase its potential to grow in the e-commerce industry. However, there is a negative idea about the Flasky Flowers among the fans. Several fans have criticized the product and its worth for the payment.

What is Flasky Flowers?

Flasky Flowers is the sole manufacturer of an all-in-one handheld flask bouquet. It is a combo product that is useful for Brides, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, Bridal Models, for all ceremonial events.

Who is the founder of Flasky Flowers?

Kelly Moynihan is the founder of Flasky Flowers. She was a full-time hairstylist before she the Flasky Flower idea. She and her husband have risked all their assets and savings to build Flasky Flowers.

What did the sharks say to Flasky Flowers?

Simple sharks say ‘Woah’ and all sharks were thrilled to find out about Kelly’s creative idea. 3 sharks were collaborated and provided Kelly a counteroffer worth 75 grand for 30% of equity shares of their company.

Did sharks accept the original deal of Flasky Flowers?

The answer is No. Kelly and Ryan were offering 10% equity of their company for $50,000 but the sharks haven’t accepted their offer and offered a counteroffer to utilize her capital investment need.

What happens to Flasky Flowers after the shark tank?

Shark tank provided Flasky Flowers a huge boost in terms of community awareness. As a result, the price of Flasky Flowers has jumped up to $25.

What is the net worth of Flsky Flowers?

According to the owner’s offer at the shark tank, the company had a net worth of around half a million dollars but after accepting the counteroffer of the sharks, their net worth has decreased by 50%.

How Flasky Flowers do now?

Flasky Flowers doing great in the online trading industry. Kelly has started Flaskey Flowers as a simple stall in wedding exhibitions and now the company is a giant in the e-commerce platform.