Five great gift ideas for geek gamers at Christmas

Finding the ideal gift for gamers is more complex than beating the boss on the final level! With the introduction of the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox consoles, it should have become slightly easier. However, since those consoles launched last year, they have been impossible to find in stock. Although you usually can’t go wrong with gifting a new gadget, if you are looking for something new this year and get a gaming-related gift, we’ve got you covered. 

To be called a “gamer,” you really have to earn it. Consequently, buying a gift for a true gamer can be a challenging task. 

But don’t worry too much. Before you peruse our list below of the best gifts for gamers, just be aware that you don’t have to actually know anything regarding video games purchase any of these gifts for your loved ones. Yes, you should know which console(s) they have, but apart from that, you should be good to go. 

From the best gaming headset to the latest Nintendo Switch accessory, TVs, retro cases, and controllers, a lot goes into making a gamer’s experience an enjoyable one. Some gamers will claim certain things are essential, and some certainly are, but these gift ideas are nice to have items that will enhance their enjoyment. 

CYCON Couch Gaming Lapboard

Any PC gamers who prefer playing live casino games or an adventure game on the couch instead of hunched over on a desk will be thankful for this gaming lapboard. Inside the desk USB 3.0 hub to plug in and place all your cables for your mouse, headset, and keyboard. Additionally, there are two side pockets, one for drinks or controls and the other for the mouse.

Paladone Playstation Icons Light

For around 30 years, Sony has made PlayStation controllers with an X as the main button. However, judging by a tweet sent from the official Playstation UK account, that button should be known as the “cross” button. Still, we are sure most will still refer to it as the ‘X’ button. Wherever your allegiance lies, this smart light will look perfect on any gamer’s desk. It can even react to music and game audio so that it can flash with your games.

Luminoodle TV Backlight

This LED light strip is adorned with 3M adhesive backing for affixing to the back of your monitor or HDTV. It comes with five color options and ten brightness settings, and it helps reduce eye strain without the added glare. The backlight will light up the gamer’s battle station and will go perfectly with their mouse, RGB keyboard, and mousepad.

Mario Party Superstars

The latest Mario Party title is a brilliant gift to play with the person you are buying it for. It brings back numerous classic boards from the Nintendo 64 era, in addition to plenty of new ones. Everyone will love playing this fun game.

SCUF Instinct Pro Xbox Controller

For serious gamers, this should be a consideration as the perfect gift. This controller will help to give them a competitive edge against their opponents. It offers remappable buttons, swappable profiles, and a nonslip performance grip.