Five Great African-Themed Video Games

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All video games have a setting – a theme of inspiration. These can be real-life locations, from most corners of the continent, or fantasy worlds. But some developers have switched things up, by traversing in the wilds of Africa. We’ve put together a list of 5 great African-themed video games.


Mzito is a 2D platform that enables players to go on an adventure journeying across Africa. Developed by Weza Interactive Entertainment, the game was first released in 2020. This game is made to inspire people and awaken their potential to change Africa. 

The game has two players, known as Mzito, whose role is to awaken the sleeping lions. These semi-fictional characters were formed by the African spirits that sacrificed themselves. Lots of African cultures, history, beliefs, arts and mythology are depicted in the video. This is reminiscent of elements that have inspired 9 masks of fire by Microgaming.

Aurion: The Legacy of the Kori-Odan

Aurion: The Legacy of the Kori-Odan is a cartoon-style, fantasy Role Playing Game (RPG). It’s based on a make-believe Nubia land, in northeastern Africa. There are warriors, magical spirits, real-time combat, death, stunning graphics and attractive music. 

The storyline follows the life of Kori-Odan, who is set to marry the love of his life and become king of Zama. However, his brother-in-law, Ngarba Evou, overthrows him in a coup. Kori-Odan and his queen have to flee into exile. They then travel around Auriona to collect allies and reclaim Zama.

Africa’s Legends

Africa’s Legends are superheroes called to save the day. However, they are under the spell of Waddabean, the assassin. It’s now up to the player to break the spell and take the assassin down. The game is available in Quick Battle and Quest Mode. Participants can select players with different abilities from various regions in Africa. These feature heroes from diverse African mythologies, including the heroic Zulu warriors and pharaohs.

This is a match 3 puzzle fight simulation game. There are different badges to be unlocked whenever an opponent is defeated. Various African folklore, cultures, and histories are represented. The game was developed by Leti Arts and released in 2014.

Survival Africa

Survival Africa is a top-action realistic game set in the centre of Africa in a savannah. The video has what players would typically expect in a survival game. Contenders engage in combat, crafting, wildlife, building, collection of resources and self-protection. Players have to build a base and collect weapons and food and defend their land from other natives. The main goal is to survive.

The game can be downloaded and played on a Windows PC. The minimum requirement is a Windows 8.1 OS and 10GB of storage space. The game has a solo developer, MeanDean. It was published by Iconic Studio. It was released in April 2020.

Aboki Run

In Aboki Run, players can join Chinedu, Gbenga and Danjuma in this African story. These three friends went on an adventure trip through terrifying forests, prohibited terrains and other territories. Midway into their journey, they got trapped in the forest by the forest gods. It’s now the work of the player to find them and free them so that they can go back to the city.

The free game can be likened to Temple Run or Subway Surfers. It can be played on iOS or Android. This is one of the top games developed by Maliyo Games in Nigeria. It features a leaderboard, shop, gifts and power-ups. 

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