Fiber Optic Offers: Price Comparison Fiber Optic Home

The Fiber Optic is a data transmission technology that, through glass fiber cables, allows to achieve a connection speed up to 100 Mbps or higher (Megabits per second). compares in a few seconds the best offers for you of optical fiber online. We find the one that makes you save based on the type of navigation you prefer.
The different  types of fiber connections  depend on the place where the internet cables arrive:

  • FTTH Fiber , or Fiber To The Home. The cables start from the provider’s central to bring the internet technology home;
  • FTTB Fiber , or Fiber To The Building. The Fiber Optic cables start from the operator’s control unit to reach the building. From here the copper cables of the ADSL depart which carry the internet signal to the single house;
  • FTTC Fiber, Fiber To The Cabinet. The cables start from the company’s headquarters and go up to the street cabinet, located about 300 meters from the building. The copper cables of the ADSL depart from the cabin and transmit the data signal to the apartment.

Fiber up to 100 Mega , Fiber 200 Mega or fiber 1 Giga ? We will find a customized solution for you based on the fiber internet coverage provided for your home and the reachable internet speed. The offers also include various tariff plans: Fiber home only tariff , without telephone line included; different landline telephone and fiber offers , with telephone and internet services included in the same subscription fee; Fiber and mobile offers that add an internet and mobile phone plan to the home internet plan. Offerte fibra casa.

How is the speed of the Fiber checked? offers you the possibility to check the speed of the fiber thanks to an internet speed test to be sure that your internet connection respects the minimum bandwidth guaranteed by the operator.

Home Fiber Cover

Before subscribing to one of the internet home offers  on the market, it is always advisable to check the coverage in the area in which you live to ensure that you are reached by the service you want to join. The verification operation is very simple: automatically with a quote on Facile you can verify the coverage or on the websites of the various Italian fiber operators there  is always a section dedicated to this type of activity, where you just need to enter your address and telephone number to verify the feasibility of activating the line.

How do you check fiber coverage? helps you to be always updated on the progress of fiber optic coverage in Italy  and on the most convenient online offers. To date, the extension of the fiber networks has reached a large part of the national territory, guaranteeing service in all the main Italian cities such as Milan , Rome , Turin , Naples ,  Bologna , Florence .