FCFmarkets Review: Account Opening Guide for Beginners in FCFmarkets


Opening your first trading account in a brokerage platform can be quite tricky. It has its own set of caveats that need to be followed. In addition to the documents that are required, there might also be a lot of other formalities which make the account opening process very tedious. But if you’re looking for a smooth account opening process along with a very approachable customer support team, FCFmarkets is the one for you. As per the FCFmarkets review, the account opening just takes a day to be completed & this is really cool. In this article, we will look into the different stages of the account opening process in different brokerage platforms. We would also understand why a customer support team is very important. 

Account Opening Process at FCFmarkets

As you decide to register yourself in FCFmarkets, you have to click on the Account Registration CTA. You will be led on to a different page wherein you need to share the following details in order to register your account:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email Address
  4. Phone
  5. Country
  6. Referral Code

Ensure that the details being entered by you are correct and accurate to the best of your knowledge. After you enter the details, make sure that I click on the cheque boxes for terms and conditions and your age consent.

After you complete the details being requested & click on the Start Trading CTA, which will take you to the trader’s room. 

The account opening process is really quite simplified  – it’s a step-by-step process that ensures that you don’t need to worry about too many documentations or checks. 

Account Verification Process at FCFmarkets

After you have enrolled yourself into FCFmarkets, you will receive a mail with the account registration details. In this mail there will also be a link on which you need to click in order to activate your account.

Further, you would be requested to share the required documents for the account verification process in FCFmarkets. This is a very crucial step as it ensures that every account being opened is legit & not used for any illegal transactions. Moreover, it is highly important to understand it comes under the legal regulations, thus, strict adherence to its legitimacy is crucial. 

You would require two identification cards for the account verification process:

  1. Photo ID card
  2. Address proof

It has to be noted that the document being uploaded should have minimum resolution of 300 pixels. 

The documents submitted in support of your verification process should be authorized by the government & have legible signature Take proper care that it is not an expired document. 

When it comes to address proof, the utility bills will be good enough. If you have a bank statement which is for the period of last 3 months, showing the daily transactions, it shall serve the purpose too. Take care that the above documents show your name & address in a legible manner. 

Bottom line

Seamless account opening is very crucial and this is what FCFmarkets has to provide. Sign up right now & experience the best of the capital markets right away.