Favorite Printed Sheets for 2022

The important point in any house is the textile design. Curtains, blankets, protective sets for upholstered furniture, decorative pillows, sheets pattern, and many other options, made in accordance with fashion trends, will make the interior of the room original and unique.

The recent trends for bed linen

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In 2022, in almost all areas of human life and creativity, there is a clear trend toward the popularity and use of all-natural materials. This is not only a return to natural materials, it is also an awareness of the value of natural resources, and the actualization of a careful attitude to nature. Therefore, the incredible popularity of natural materials in natural colors is completely understandable.

Linen, wool, and fabrics made from unusual natural materials became fashionable textile trends in 2022. No less relevant and in demand are natural dyes for fabrics.

There are also the following general trends:

  • The first is the use of once-popular textile elements that have returned to fashion, but at the same time, they will be made or sewn in modern conditions.
  • The second direction concerns manufacturers and distributors of textile products to which Linens&Hutch belongs. This is the use of previous textile collections, updated and supplemented according to the new requirements of fashion trends in this segment.
  • Conscious consumption consists in restoring and using old things or reformatting new ones that have not been used before. For example, from a fabric cut that has long been stored on a shelf in a closet, you can sew original textile elements or decorations.

As you can see on today not only beautiful things are in demand, it is important that they are of high quality, resistant to all kinds of damage and impact, and have a long service life. In particular, new and technological blended fabrics, which perfectly combine natural and artificial fibers, help to follow this textile trend.

Favorite prints and colors for sheets

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Refined shades and elegant tones that burst into the home interior from the surrounding nature have become absolute trends in 2022. Expressive, believable, and magnificent shades of various flowers, leaves in different seasons, day and night sky, earth and sand, and real sea. All the unsurpassed natural colors chosen for textile design will help create an incredibly beautiful, stylish, natural interior.

Contrasting ornaments

In 2022, textiles with unique exotic, and recognizable ethnic ornaments are in great demand. The texture and colors, in this case, are very diverse: Japanese and Chinese hieroglyphs, African rock paintings, mosaics from Morocco, and Slavic-themed embroidery. Among the fashion trends in 2022 are textiles imitating the color and skin of animals, and natural materials like wood and stone.


Incredibly simple, but very fashionable print with the original name goosefoot has burst into all areas of fashion and design. The most popular geometric textile ornament is most often found in a black and white combination, but other combinations can also be found. In textile interior design, the goosefoot can be used in the upholstery of the furniture, the decor of sofa cushions and rugs, as well as carefully and appropriately in the design of windows.


Geometric motifs and prints in textile interior design 2022 are a real trend. Geometry in general is very relevant in many areas of design. Laconic stripes, large or small peas, and spectacular combinations of different geometric shapes in textiles look very impressive. It is these expressive dynamic patterns or prints that perfectly cope with the role of interior accents. Textiles with geometric ornaments and patterns are appropriate in many interior styles: Japanese, Scandinavian, hi-tech, minimalism, and even retro style.

In this variety, you will be able to choose the print that will suit your bedroom and the design that you prefer.

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff


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