Where do you play your online games? If you play on a reputable casino site, you will not become a victim of rogue operators. The rise of online gaming during this pandemic made many people join online gambling platforms. Some joined for fun while others joined to earn the casino’s rewards.

Players playing on rogue casino sites created by the fraudsters will be heard complaining constantly about slow withdrawals, loss of funds, and data. Unfortunately, many people have been falling into the traps set for them by cybercriminals.

Fairness and safety continue to be controversial topics in the gambling arena that consistently attract various opinions. 

We were lucky to have a session with one of our experts Klara Czerwinska (view profile), who highlighted what it takes to enhance fairness and safety in online casinos gambling.

Data encryption

Have you ever lost your data to unknown people? Many gamblers have been victims of online frauds aimed at collecting their data. Some lose their data unknowingly by falling victim to traps set for them by cybercriminals.

Fortunately, safe online casino sites have integrated safety features that prevent casino players from losing their data. Data encryption ensures that the communication you hold with the casino cannot be tapped by third parties. 

RNG Technology

Have you ever wondered how the outcomes of the games offered by casinos reviewed at Polish website zdrapki online na pieniadze get coordinated such that they are not connected with the previous outcomes or those of other gamers? Real money casino games utilize the Random Number Generator technology to come up with accurate outcomes.

Live casino games are not subject to this technology because they get played as the players interact with the dealers in the studio. But when you play classic table games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, and roulette, get controlled by the Random Number generator technology. The objective of the technology is also to create random results.

The unique aspect about the RNG number is that they are always six digits. You need to know that the technology has been automated to function whether you play or not. It will generate the numbers in your presence or absence, thus an ideal way of enhancing transparency in the casinos.


As much as gaming is a service needed by many gamers in Poland, the government is responsible for ensuring only legit casinos offer their gaming services to Poles. They do that through licensing of such casinos. 

The gambling operators that have not obtained their operating license do not have the authority to offer gambling services. It’s a way of enhancing secure online casino gambling in Poland and mainly helps in protecting gamers from scams.

Identity verification

The gambling jurisdiction in Poland is strict on the age limit of the gamblers. It’s a requirement that gamblers must be 18 years and above to play their favorite games on the online casino’s sites.

Therefore, the gambling operators in Poland have no authority to allow underage players to gamble. To ascertain that the gamers are of the right age, they have to submit their valid identifications.

The objective of that is to eliminate the minors who try to access the gaming platforms every time. Requesting government identification is the only suitable way of proving that the gamers on the platform are not minors, as it is difficult for the casinos to determine the age of the gamblers at a glance.

Casinos also take their new users through identity verification because of the high victims of fraud in online casino platforms. Many people have fallen victim to money laundering and other criminal activities.

That’s why the real money online casinos in Poland are currently interested in knowing much about their gamblers. They have to check if the gamers’ details on the site match those on their government identification cards to enhance safe online gambling.

If you are looking forward to enjoying a safe online gambling journey in the online casinos, ensure that you check on the above tips before joining any casino sites. You will also notice that brands that are after transparent gambling practices will list their terms and conditions to allow the gamers to know what they expect from them. 

They will also conduct identity verification to ensure they only offer gaming services to legit gamers that are abrasive of the recommended age of gambling.

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