Facts you should know about the famous anime Spirited Away

Among hundreds of animes that Japan has produced, Spirited Away has been able to reach a milestone position. This article will deliver everything you need to know about an anime masterpiece.

What kind of anime is Spirited Away?

Spirited Away is a Japanese Fantasy film that revolves around traditional Japanese culture. It is a film made for children who have a shallow taste. Although you are an adult who can read the symbols, the film will be a treasure. But, you will have to read all of them. 

What is the meaning of Spirited Away?

The film name has two meanings according to English and Japanese. The English meaning for “Spirited Away” is the removal of a thing without someone seeing it. When it comes to Japanese meaning, it means to someone or something that vanishes away. In the Japanese culture, there is a belief that kami abducts humans from this world and takes them to the world of spirits. therefore, the closest meaning to this film comes from the Japanese. 

What is the movie spirited away about

The film reveals the story of Chihiro Ogino, a ten-year-old girl. She enters the world known as Kami and has the responsibility of freeing her parents. But, that will not be an easy thing as Yubaba has turned them into pigs. The story tells the hardest path ChihiroOgino has to take while trying to free her parents.

Is Spirited Away about human trafficking?

The Japanese hidden life and culture consist of undeniable shame, such as child prostitution and child trafficking. According to some fans, they say the undertone story of the movie is about those things. Child prostitution and child trafficking words are not in the story. But, the symbols and the other implications say so. If it is about the shallow reading of the film, there will not be human trafficking.

The script has been able to highlight almost every character in the film, a popular one. Among the characters, Haku, Chihiro, Boh, and Kamaji are the most popular ones. The main Antagonist, Yubaba, is also a popular character. 

most popular spirited away character
Haku, Yubaba and Chihiro

Is Spirited Away based on a true story?

The movie is not based on a true story. Hayao Miyazaki, the director of the film, has mentioned that the Japanese myths have been the root inspirations when making the movie. Also, according to fans, the undertone story is about child prostitution and child trafficking, which is real in Japanese society.

Why is Spirited Away famous?

The fantasy storyline of the film has been the utmost reason. Also, character handling, the graphics, undertone story, positive reviews, and the 8.3 IMDB rating have made the movie a famous one.

What is the real message of Spirited Away?

The message given by the film is that Japan should find its finest path when attaching the past generations with the latest generation. Adaptation and tolerance are going to be the main factors both generations must look into. Because, according to some people, gross capitalism and spirituality are in consideration from a negative point of view in this film.

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How old is Haku spirited away?

She looks 12 years of age in the film Spirited Away. But, his real age is revealed.

Is Haku a girl or boy in Spirited Away?

The character, Haku, is a boy in the Spirited Away film.

How old is Chihiro in spirited away?

Chihiro is a 10 years old little girl in the Spirited Away film.