Factors to Consider in Getting a Travel Nursing Job in Arkansas

Travel nursing jobs are still in demand now that’s why more and more nurses are shifting to becoming travel nurses. Travel nurses can have the opportunity to have a work and life balance which is impossible for other jobs. The hiring of travel nurse jobs in Arkansas is continuous due to the demand for nurses up to now. If you want to be a travel nurse it is wise to know more about it before becoming one. 

What Should You Look For In A Travel Nursing Job In Arkansas?

Here are some things that you have to consider when looking for a travel nursing job:

Choosing a Staffing Agency 

Working with a nursing staffing agency can give you more work opportunities. Since they are connected to more healthcare facilities which mean they can give more job opportunities to travel nurses. Choose staffing agencies have been acting as bridges to travel nurses and healthcare facilities even before the epidemic started. 

Number of Assignments you can get 

Check if the nursing staffing agency you are about to join has enough assignments for all of their nurses. If you can get more assignments then you can maximize your time while working with the nurse staffing agency. Plus the good thing is you can work with more than one agency, but if you can work with one who can give you enough assignments it can be best. 

Your Career Goal 

Know your career goal so you will know which among the nurse staffing agencies is fit for your situation. Know if you can manage your schedule properly and be able to accept all the assignments they will give, however, if you want more time freedom then you can select a nurse staffing agency that gives fewer assignments to their nurses. However, you can decline assignments if you think you will be busy at that moment. 

Hourly Rate

Check on the hourly rates and see if the pay is just exactly the average pay for travel nurses in Arkansas. So you can determine if the pay is enough to cover your finances. Nurse staffing agencies are transparent when it comes to their hourly pay for their nurses and they give competitive salaries since the nurses are in demand now.  

What Characteristics Do You Need To Be A Travel Nurse?


Travel nurses travel a lot and are assigned to different areas. A travel nurse should be flexible enough to be assigned to different areas every week or every after 23 weeks since that is the maximum assignment period a travel nurse can get. Make sure that you can handle that type of schedule if you plan to become a travel nurse. 

Critical Thinking 

Travel nurses or even regular nurses need to have critical thinking since they are often placed in a situation where they have to decide on what is the best thing to do during that moment. They have to determine if they have to do a certain procedure or what medication is needed. So critical thinking is needed for nurses.


Travel nurse needs to be able to adapt to a new working environment since they will be assigned to one now and then. Hopping from one location to another is not easy, so better know if you are comfortable with that setup before you apply as a travel nurse. 

How Do You Know If You Are Ready To Travel As A Nurse?

When you are ready to Step out of Your Comfort Zone

If you think you can go out of your comfort zone and be able to take on new challenges in your life then that’s the right time to try travel nursing jobs. Since this is far different from the regular nursing job you are used to. So if you are ready for an adventure then it’s time to start to become a travel nurse. 

When you know you Can Manage your Schedule 

Travel nursing jobs need time management to be able to handle the schedule. Since the assignment comes at different times and days, you have to be ready all the time. YOu can also give your available schedule in advance to your nurse staffing agency so they can have a basis on when you are available. 

These factors to consider in getting a travel nursing job in Arkansas can help you determine if you are ready to become a travel nurse.