Everything you need to know about VPN

Before one decade very few people knew about VPN. But, now when technology is booming and more people work online, you should know a few things about VPN which is one of the must things to protect your online privacy. Here in this article, we will explain everything you need to know about VPN.

What is VPN? The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. It will make a private network that hides your online identity and IP address. Encrypted connections made by VPN hide all your online activity. So, no third party or hacker can see your private information.So if you are ready to secure your privacy, be sure to check the best VPN deals

Need of VPN

If you are using the internet and finish your most tasks with an internet connection then VPN is one of the most important things which you should own. There are many free VPN and premium VPN plans available nowadays. Choose a service like NordVPN which gives the best service among most VPN providers.

How VPN Works

VPN makes an encrypted connection between your system and the VPN server. The benefit of this connection is nobody from outside this connection can see your data. Your identity becomes anonymous. Also, your IP address and original location can not be traced. Most of the VPNs give more than 20 countries to choose from for a VPN server. 

Here are a few things to know about VPN.

Free VPN and Paid VPN

If you want to use a VPN a few times a month then a free VPN is the best option. All VPNs need money to fulfill their cost of servers and other expenses. Most of the free VPN displays advertise. Also, they can not provide good internet speed as more users use their free service. In free VPN they provide fewer server options for the users, Some VPN gives country selection in free VPN also but limited.

Most VPN servers also include their paid plan with a free plan and explain the benefits of the paid plan over a free plan. Mostly paid plans give more security than free plans. Also, the speed of connection automatically increases in subscription plans as fewer users use that plan than free. You get a selection of many countries in your premium plan. Also, paid plans have no data limit for using the internet. Free plans put data limits if they do not show ads. 

If you are using antivirus for your system then check the recommended VPN provider by them. Many of them also provide VPN services with discounted rates.

Use in Public Wifi

If you are traveling then you may use a public wifi network which is mostly fast and also free to use. But this public network is some of the main targets of hackers and online thieves. Your online data and identity can be seen by other people in the network if you have little knowledge about it. VPN provides the best security and privacy in a public wifi network by hiding your online data. So next time you travel make sure you have a good VPN while using the internet.

Online shopping 

Nowadays online frauds are increasing. There is a need for extra security to do online transactions. While making online transactions with a credit or debit card, start your VPN so you can do all your online shopping by avoiding information leaks during payment.

I hope this guide will help you to know everything about VPN.