Everything You Need To Know About A Bitcoin Wallet


Many people invest in bitcoin and lose all they have. The number of forgery are also increasing with bitcoin investment trasding platform. Many people lost their private keys because of carelessness or even lack of proper knowledge.

When do not store your crypto properly, things like this can happen anytime as many people are eyeing your asset? But that does not indicate an end to the investment part. No one does that with other fields that have a certain number of risks. Right?

Well, one great solution is to use the digital wallet most effectively. When we talk about digital coins, they are of different types.

What is a crypto wallet?

Before we proceed with the different specifications, it is extremely crucial to know what it is. Otherwise, it would be hard to understand. A Digital wallet is a virtual space where one can store all their private keys. As we already know that cryptocurrencies are no actual currencies but a set of unique combinations of numbers and alphabet. This is what we need to keep safe.

So, the space that keeps all these safe is the crypto wallet which is also known by the name of a digital wallet.

Now, there are two types of wallets present – cold wallets and hot wallets.

Cold wallet

The confusion between those two of the primary wallets happens with the internet connection. The cold wallet is simply those that are not supposed to have an internet connection. Without an internet connection, it becomes more like offline storage. so, this is considered the safer one of the two. Using the cold wallet, one can stop scammers r hackers from entering their system and stealing their cryptos.

As there is no internet connection, one needs to transfer the cryptos to a hot wallet and then use it for trading or investment purposes.

Cold wallets are of two types – one is the paper wallet and the other one is the hardware wallet.

Hot wallet

A hot wallet is one that has an internet connection and works with it. This is more of an online wallet. These wallets are more convenient to use while trading. but a bit less trustworthy as various hackers know various ways to entire your crypto wallet and just make it empty.

So, while choosing your different hot wallets, make some prior research. In this regard, hot wallets also have different specifications and types. Most commonly, it is of three types – online wallet or exchange wallet, mobile wallet, and desktop wallet.

Paper wallet

A paper wallet falls under the category of cold wallets. Therefore, it is one of the safest wallets as well. the name may seem a bit confusing. But the point is all your private keys will be printed on a piece of paper and there will be no online evidence of it. No gadget will have the keys. So that, the cryptos will be as safe as possible.

On the other hand, although it lacks the chance of getting stolen, there remains the chance of getting lost as it is just a piece of paper. So, keeping it with utmost care is very essential.

Hardware wallet

A hardware wallet is an external hard disk or a pen drive kind of thing. It means an external device that does not have any internet connection. Thus, it remains safe. However, it is really important to guard it with a password. Make sure nobody gets your password.

Online wallet

An online wallet is also commonly called an exchange wallet as this is the wallet that people use in exchanges. this wallet is very necessary to trade on daily basis. This wallet is handier than the others. However, this holds the riskier as well. so, it is advised to keep only the number of cryptos you need daily.

Mobile wallet

Mobile wallets are those that we use on our mobile. There are various apps that can be installed from play store or apple store.

Desktop wallet

Desktop wallets are the same as mobile wallet. There is various software available for the computer. That software will save your private keys or unique numbers and then you can use it for your convenience.


So, this was all you needed to know about the types of digital wallets. The best thing would be to use them by combining both hot and cold wallets. Also, to get a good transactional and trading atmosphere.

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